Jumbo Pistachio Factory | Iranian Big Size Pistachios

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Jumbo Pistachio Factory | Iranian Big Size Pistachios

Jumbo pistachio factory is where you can find Iranian Kalleghouchi pistachios with different qualities in bulk. Jumbo pistachio is big size.

Which production centers concentrate on the production of Jumbo pistachios?
As you know, Kalleghouchi pistachios are mainly available in Khorasan Razavi and Kerman provinces.
In this article, we try to provide you with comprehensive information about Jumbo pistachio and how to buy it in bulk.

Everything We Need to Know about Pistachio

The jumbo pistachio, in addition to being very large, is usually very good in appearance and looking, and for this reason it has many buyers.
Therefore, there are a lot of merchants willing to find a jumbo pistachio factory as a partner and supplier.

Common sizes of this pistachio are 20/22, 22/24, and 24/26, among which the size of 22/24 is the most common production of factories and terminals of this product.
By the way, the big size of the jumbo pistachio is 18/20.

Due to the spherical (round) shape and large size of the Kalleghouchi pistachio kernel, it can be in use in the production of sweets, candies, chocolate, and food decoration. And for this reason, many countries in the export market are interested in this pistachio kernel.

Where to Find Jumbo Pistachio Factory?

Jumbo pistachio is generally one of the highest quality pistachios in Iran. One of the important questions about this pistachio is the place and production center of this type of pistachio. In general, Kalleghouchi pistachio is available in abundance and with high quality in two regions:

  • At first, Nough area of ​​Rafsanjan city in Kerman province
  • Then, Sabzevar region in Khorasan Razavi province

The Jumbo pistachio f Nough region has long been considered one of the best pistachios in Iran.
Kalleghoochi pistachios of this region have two characteristics that make it very customer-friendly. On the one hand, the color of this pistachio’s skin in the Nough area is really white. On the other hand, the kernel of this type of pistachio is purple skin.
These two characteristics make Nough Pistachio high-quality and beautiful pistachio and very customer friendly.

Khorasan Razavi province in recent years has had great growth in the production and processing of pistachios. In general, due to the good condition of trees, this province has become one of the main centers of pistachio production.
In every region of this province, the cultivation of one specific type of pistachio is common.
But it’s better to know, the Sabzevar region was able to shine like a diamond in the heart of Khorasan Razavi province in the field of pistachio production.

Of course, there are two other regions, the cultivation and production of Kalleghouchi pistachio are also common. But the main area under cultivation of Kalleghouchi pistachio in the country is the two regions which we have fully explained above.

Artin Pistachio Factory/Manufacturer/Supplier

One of the most important parts in the process of reaching the product to consumers is the bulk purchase of products.
If you intend to buy bulk pistachios, your first mentality is to buy from the production centers of this type of pistachio.
In fact, by buying from a city like Nough in Kerman or Sabzevar in Khorasan Razavi province, this is possible.
Of course, finding different manufacturers in these cities can be a bit difficult.

But in recent years, technology and online sales grow significantly.
This leads to the sale of agricultural products such as pistachios online. In fact, you can simply receive the product at your destination port with one call.
Artin company is one of the companies that have a lot of experience in the process of exporting pistachios.
Due to online sales, this company is able to increase the quality of its products and reduce the price of products due to the reduction of incidental costs.
These two characteristics are the same two parameters that are important for any trader. For advice, purchase or export of Jumbo pistachios or other pistachios, you can contact Artin Dried Fruit Consultants.

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