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Jumbo Pistachio Producer

Jumbo Pistachio Producer Supplier Exporter

If you want to find jumbo pistachio producer, search for “Kalleghouchi” pistachios. Iran also producing “long” and “round” pistachio nuts and kernels with reasonable prices. If you need to find Iranian jumbo pistachios producer and supplier, check below information.
Also, you can make direct contact with ARTIN factory export’s manager if you are searching for pistachios exporter.

Does Khorasan produce the same pistachio as Kerman and Rafsanjan in Iran? Which company is producing pistachio nuts in Khorasan? Is it better to buy Rafsanjan or Sabzevar pistachios? These are all questions that we will answer in following.

In recent years, the volume of pistachio’s production in and around Sabzevar has increased significantly.
You should remember, however, that the Kalleghouchi (Jumbo) pistachio is more ancient in Rafsanjan. However, given the excellent transplantation of Rafsanjan trees in Khorasan province, the production volume and quality of this area is not lower than in Rafsanjan and Kerman.
In particular, the recent droughts have become a serious problem for farmers producing pistachio nuts in Rafsanjan.

Kaleh Ghuchi (Jumbo type) pistachio tree is highly dependent on soil, water and climate conditions, so the quality of the final product (taste and coarseness) is getting higher and higher in Khorasan each year.

Artin Factory is one of the well-known companies and factories known as jumbo pistachio producer, supplier and exporter.
In recent years, the company has been supplying a significant amount of its product from Khorasan province and preparing for export market.

Where to find main jumbo pistachio orchards in Iran?

Iran Jumbo Pistachios

The main areas that produce jumbo pistachio nuts throughout Iran include:

  • North of Khorasan province (Sabzevar, Neyshabour and Esfarain cities)
  • Rafsanjan city and especially Nough region in this city
  • Little areas in Sirjan
  • A few pistachio orchards in the Yazd province as well

Of course, Kerman province used to have higher production of “Kalleghoochi” pistachio varieties, but in recent years, drought has made Ahmad Aghaie’s trees yields outstrip Kalleghoochi.
Therefore, many of the farmers in this region have started to change their trees so that Khorasan province is currently the largest production center of Iranian jumbo pistachio cultivar.

Jumbo Pistachio Export’s Markets

One of the major markets for this type of pistachio that most exporting companies have turned to is Lebanon.
We can almost say that Lebanon only purchases two types of pistachio nuts, kalehghouchi (jumbo) and fandoghi (round).
In addition to Lebanon, the UAE and Qatar are other buyers in the Arab market.

Germany is also another buyer of Jumbo Pistachio Nuts and Kernels in the export market.

Jumbo Pistachios Nut

Price Range of Iranian Jumbo Pistachios

Kalle Ghuchi pistachio has always had higher prices than round pistachio and normal long pistachios (Ahmad Aghaei) but less than Akbari (super long) pistachio.
However, in some years, such as 2018, when the production of kalleghouchi pistachio was reduced, the price of this product was equivalent to that of Akbari.

Jumbo Pistachio Producer

In general, the price of pistachio product depends on several parameters, including:

  1. Pistachio variety or cultivar purchased
  2. Size and largeness is very important for nuts (pistachio size measuring unit is Ounce (oz.))
  3. Appearance of the load due to the uniform size and color of pistachio skin
  4. The amount and percentage of close-mouth or slightly-open pistachios available in the load, the lower percentage of these parameters in the load, the better appearance of the load, especially when you want to use it as nuts and snacks.
  5. The volume and quantity of purchases that certainly increases the power of price reductions per purchase.

Mechanical Open Jumbo Pistachios

Mechanical Open Pistachios

If you are looking for a cheaper type of jumbo (kalleghouchi) pistachio especially for export markets such as Russia and other CIS countries or even some parts of China, the mechanical open “Kalleh ghouchi” type is for you.

In Latin, the pistachio is called Mechanical-Open (MO) Jumbo Pistachios. The reason for this is that to open the close-mouth jumbo pistachios, it is necessary to hammer the pistachio (hit each one by hammer) before start opening process.
That’s what an MO jumbo pistachio producer should do by means of a lot of labours.

What is a MO pistachios? MO pistachios are the close-mouth pistachios that are opened using water and a number of mechanical processes

Jumbo Pistachio Kernels

Jumbo Pistachio Kernels

Jumbo pistachio nuts have large sizes, for this reason, you can produce large size kernels when you crack its close-mouth pistachios.

Please notice that:

  • Jumbo pistachio kernels need some experiences to produce (if you need complete and not halved kernels in your purchased cargo)
  • These kernels are a bit more expensive than round pistachio kernels
  • If you need purple skin kernels with green mantle, you need to buy from Khorasan pistachios suppliers

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