Kerman Green Pistachios | Artin Nuts and Kernels

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Kerman Green Pistachios

Kerman Green Pistachios | Artin Nuts and Kernels

Where to buy Kerman green pistachios? Do you know the Artin Nuts and Kernels company? Are the Kerman pistachio kernels the greenest?

Exports of green pistachio kernels from the Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces of Iran have the largest volume.
When it comes to green pistachio kernels, we need to see what kind of pistachio kernels we mean.
Because as you know, pistachio kernels available in Iran have a very high variety.
In the following, we will get familiar with the types of green pistachio kernels that are mainly available in Kerman manufacturing companies and are in use for export markets.

(Kerman green pistachios are almost common in all the countries that use pistachios to decorate their food products such as chocolates, sweets and pastries, ice cream, and etc.)

First Class Green Pistachio Kernels

First Class Green Pistachio Kernels

As we know, pistachio kernels have different types.
And among them, we can see the pistachio kernel with its green and beautiful color.
Now let’s look at how green pistachio kernels are obtained.

Some farmers remove pistachios from the tree much earlier than harvest season.
This is why we can see very small pistachios.
All of these pistachios are closed-mouth because they are before the pistachios grow and getting purple skin.

After harvest, these pistachios go to pistachio workshops or processing plants.
There, they crack pistachio nuts and produce green kernels.

Obviously, the green color of these kernels is the most important feature. And among all the pistachios available in Iran, Kerman green pistachios have the greenest color.

Kerman Peeled Green Pistachio Kernels

Peeled Green Pistachio Kernels

Peeled pistachio kernels are actually the same as green pistachio kernels.
Of course, there is the main difference with pistachio kernels.
When the pistachio skin is taken in the pistachio kernel processing workshops, the thin skin on the pistachio kernel will also be taken.
This peeling procedure is the difference in the production of green kernels and peeled kernels.

This pistachio kernel is very, very colorful and has generally 6 grades.
The first four grades of complete-shape pistachio kernels start from are very dark green to near yellow.
The next two grades are yellow cob pistachio kernels and green cob pistachio kernels.

Green Wild Pistachio Kernels

If we want to mention another green pistachio kernel, we can mention the name of the forest pistachio kernel (or the wild pistachio kernels).
This pistachio kernel is available in mountainous areas.
This pistachio kernel is available in two main areas.

  • Sarakhs mountainous area in Iran
  • Some parts of Afghanistan

That is why some people refer to this pistachio kernel as Herati/Afghani pistachio kernel.
In addition to its beautiful and green color, this pistachio kernel also tastes very good.
For this reason, it is in use in the production of sweets and ice creams abroad.

Of course, it should be noted that in many cases, this pistachio kernel is not among the ingredients of sweets or ice cream.
It is also in use to decorate sweets and ice creams.

Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels with Green Mantle

Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels

Another type of green pistachio kernel is the green belly of the pistachio kernel. In fact, these are the purple skin pistachios that have a green mantle.
As the name implies, this type of pistachio kernel has a floral appearance. But its main and inner color is green.
The main production of this pistachio kernel is in Qazvin province.
But in Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces, this type of pistachio kernel can be found with a smaller volume than in Qazvin province.

This pistachio kernel is also widely in use for the production of pistachio slices and slivers.

Export/Import of Kerman Green Pistachios

Kerman Green Pistachios

As we learned in the previous sections, there are different types of green pistachio kernels.
Due to this, the export/import of green pistachio kernels becomes a little difficult.

Because according to the target market of the destination country and the consumption of pistachio kernels in that country, the type of suitable pistachio kernels will be different.

Artin Trading Company is one of the collections that are active in the field of production, packaging, sales and export of pistachio kernels.
It can be said that this collection will do zero to one hundred pistachio kernel export procedures for you.

By contacting the consultants of this collection, you can receive complete guidance and make a convenient purchase.
I hope with your help we can introduce and offer these valuable products to all over the world.

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