Khorasan Barberry Processing | Artin Iranian Zereshk Wholesale

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Khorasan Barberry Processing | Artin Iranian Zereshk Wholesale

Khorasan Barberry Processing makes Iranian Zereshk ready for wholesale in different markets. The Artin barberry is in two main varieties.

South Khorasan province of Iran has the largest number of orchards and processing workshops for barberries.
In this region of the country, two main varieties of Iranian barberries (POFAKI and ANARI) are available for sale in large volumes.
Most of the Iranian barberry products are available in different countries for export along with other nuts such as pistachios, raisins, and dates.

One of the best-selling and best types of barberry available in Khorasan province is Puffy (POFAKI) barberry, which we will briefly describe how to produce.
Knowing how to produce and how to do it gives us a wide view on buying and selling this valuable product.
So, you can read more about “Khorasan Barberry Processing” in this article.

How to Produce Khorasan Puffy Barberry?

Barberry is one of the products that have a long history in Iran and especially in Khorasan.
One of the most colorful and best types of barberry is puffy barberry.
The processing of different types of barberry is different.
This barberry is dried during a special process and is provided to consumers for various uses.

In the production of this type of barberry, producers should hang or place barberries on the barberry’s hall along with the branches. In fact, they place barberry branches while there are still barberry fruits on them in a place away from direct sunlight.

This causes the barberries to lose their moisture and dry out over time.
Of course, proper ventilation is really important to avoid any mold in the barberries.

Puffy barberry has a beautiful and bright color because it does not dry in the sun.
This barberry has the highest quality of barberry varieties, some of which are in use for domestic production and some for export.
In the following sections, we have prepared more details about this valuable product for you.

Barberry Varieties Availability Time in the Market

As we saw in the previous section, barberry processing is one of the most important stages of barberry production.
Now the question is when the varieties of barberry are ready and available for wholesale markets.

Barberry harvest is done around October.
Anari barberry comes to the markets one month after October, ie November.
The drying speed of Anari barberry is high because they dry in direct sunlight.

But the process of producing puffy barberry is longer.
These barberries lose their moisture over time due to being in barberry halls.
Puffy barberry gets ready for the market in a process of 4 to 5 months.
The supply of puffed barberry to wholesale markets will start in March.
The drying process and supply of Iranian POFAKI (Puffy) Zereshk will continue until April of next year.

That is why we see Iranian ANARI Zereshk much earlier than puffy barberry in the markets.
Artin company is also one of the collections that are active in this field.

In the next part, we have prepared more details about this barberry producing company for you.

Wholesale of Artin Iranian Zereshk

One of the points that will occupy the mind of every buyer is where to get the desired barberry.
Many workshops in Khorasan are processing barberry.
But the question is from which of these workshops should we buy the product?

Artin dried fruit company is one of the collections that work in this field.
This collection can be a good option for you due to its history in wholesale online sales of barberry.

In fact, you can make your purchase with a simple call and a few messages in cyberspace.
This means that you will easily receive your barberry in the city in question.

For advice and contact, you can contact the sales consultants of the Artin company:

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