Khorasan Dried Jujube Fruits | Iranian Red Dates

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Khorasan Dried Jujube Fruits

Khorasan Dried Jujube Fruits | Iranian Red Dates

Khorasan dried jujube fruits are one of the export products of Iran but Iranian red dates (Anab) are not that known in the market.

Where is the production and wholesale center of Iranian dried jujube fruits? How much is the price of Khorasan dried jujube fruits?
Which countries account for the largest volume of Iranian jujube imports?

To get the answer to all the above questions, you can read this article carefully.
This article is provided by Artin Jujube Production Company.
All the contents of this article are according to our experience and scientific work.

Khorasan Jujube Production and Wholesale Center

Khorasan Jujube Production and Wholesale Center

The South Khorasan province of Iran is the main and almost the only production center for Iranian dried jujube fruits.
In fact, the price of jujube in this province is much more affordable than in other cities such as Mashhad, Tehran, and Isfahan.

The jujube harvest season in the jujube production center of the country, namely South Khorasan, usually begins in early August.
In this season, buying fresh jujube is common among consumers and fresh jujube is experiencing very high sales.

Jujube has been able to bring a lot of income to the people in this province.
Some of the produced jujubes are consumed or quickly distributed in different markets.
This is because fresh jujube has a very short shelf life and cannot stay fresh and healthy for long.

For this reason, producers dry a large amount of jujube each year to sell as Khorasan dried jujube fruits.
Dried jujube is in different grades and in 8 categories.
Each category of jujube has specific uses and is using by individuals for specific uses

Jujube with a larger size and higher quality is usually using in the form of nuts.
These jujubes have many fans abroad. In fact, These Khorasan dried jujube fruits are the main exports from Iran.
Jujube with a smaller size is also in the category of medicinal jujube, which has a lower price and has its own buyers.

In the next sections, we will get a little more familiar with our country’s jujube export and explain about it.

First-Class Artin Jujube Whoelsale

First-Class Artin Jujube Whoelsale

Export-quality jujube consists of different quality grades.
Exporters send and export jujube fruits depending on the needs of customers in each country.
Some countries consider the quality and first-class jujube.

While some other countries consider fine jujube for various uses and processing.
Iranian jujube is usually supplying to the following countries. In fact, The following countries are the main buyers and importers of Khorasan dried jujube fruits:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. India
  3. China
  4. Emirates
  5. England
  6. Netherlands
  7. Canada

Of course, we must point out that in addition to these countries, there are various countries that have the capacity for importing Iranian agricultural products.
But it can be said that the main export of Iranian jujube is to these countries.

In the next part, you will learn more about jujube exports and their prices.

Khorasan Dried Jujube Fruits Export/Import

Khorasan Dried Jujube Fruits Export/Import

Jujubes available in the market are in different categories according to their size and quality.
We categorize jujubes in these codes from 1 to 8 respectively according to their size and quality. Obviously, code 1 is the largest, and code 8 is the smallest.

Jujube code 1 is often using for nuts and exports throughout Iran and the world.
Of course, we must point out that small jujubes with lower prices also have applications in different countries, and exports are not only for large and first-class jujubes.

The selling price of different jujubes depends on different factors.
The supply and demand in the market and consumers’ use of these products can be the most important factors in jujube price fluctuations.
For example, in a country where jujube imports are more frequent, prices become more competitive and traders in that country are thinking of more affordable purchases.

We must be very careful in buying jujubes for export.
What market does jujube target in the country and for what purposes is it purchased?
What is the purchasing power of the people in the country in question?

Due to the variety of jujube in different qualities and sizes, exporting jujube will be a little difficult.
Sales and export consultants of Artin company are ready to help and assist you.

You can choose your ideal jujube collection by contacting the consultants and you can easily make a purchase.

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