Khorasan Dried Jujube | Iranian Anab Wholesale

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Khorasan Dried Jujube | Iranian Anab Wholesale

Khorasan Dried Jujube | Iranian Anab Wholesale

Khorasan dried jujube fruits have a different taste from Chinese and Russian red dates. Here is an Iranian Anab Wholesale Website.

Khorasan dried jujube exports to Canada, Iraq, Pakistan, and India are high.
The main center for producing the best jujube at a competitive price is Birjand in South Khorasan Province.

Iranian jujube has a variety of uses due to its many healing and medicinal properties.
Farmers and producers mostly and commonly sort the dried jujube fruits by size for wholesale markets.

In this article, you will find information about how to produce jujube and also how to export it.

Sorting of Khorasan Dried Jujube Fruits

Sorting of Khorasan Dried Jujube Fruits

In the jujube harvest season, all the efforts of the producers are to prevent damage to the product.
Harvesting usually takes place in August and September.

After finishing the harvest, the producers follow the next steps to bring the product to market.
Jujube sorting and sieving is the most important and main pre-sale process.
With different devices or sometimes manually, you need to sort jujubes by size for wholesale markets.
Therefore, size is the primary parameter of the Khorasan dried jujube Quality Parameter.

There are other criteria for determining the quality of Iranian Anab.
Some of these parameters are the color, the number of wrinkles, and the freshness of the product.
Which is taken into account at the time of purchasing especially in large quantities.

Jujube Wholesale Center in Khorasan

Jujube Wholesale Center in Khorasan

The main center of jujube production in Iran is South Khorasan province.
High quality and first-class jujubes are available in different cities of this province.
But the main focus of Khorasan jujube production is in the cities of Birjand and Khousf.

Various villages and agricultural areas in these cities are active in the production of barberry and jujube.
In the meantime, jujube processing and packaging workshops and factories are active.
Who buy the product directly from farmers.

The main work of these production units is sorting, sieving, and packaging the product.
Of course, some of these units also produce and market various Khoransan dried jujube products.

The most important and main jujube products are jujube cubes (HABE ANAB) and jujube powder.
These products recently found a good market in Iran and some other countries.

New products in the market inside and outside Iran are of interest to the people.

How about Iranian Anab Prices?

How about Iranian Anab Prices?

Artin dried fruit company is one of the active groups in the field of production, sale, and export of jujube.
This commercial production unit is in Khorasan province and sells all its products with the best quality in the market.

Of course, some products are also available in lower quality depending on the type of consumption and application.
Small size jujubes are in this category.
These jujubes are medicinal jujube due to their small size and their use to produce medicines.

Obviously, the price of the jujube fruit depends on these parameters and criteria.

The Artin Iranian Anab is always available in the market and different categories of this product are always of the same quality.

You can contact the sales department to view the image and video of each of the codes.
Our colleagues will send you the pictures in the shortest time.
In the following, different communication channels are available.
You can contact Artin Jujube Sales and Trading Unit easily.

Khorasan Dried Jujube Export/Import

Khorasan Dried Jujube Export/Import

Khorasan dried jujube has buyers in the markets of other countries in addition to the Iranian market.
This product is offered in international markets in the form of dried fruit (Whole-shape) or in the form of cubes or powder.

Dried jujube is often exported from Khorasan customs, but records of jujube exports from other customs are displayed in the Iranian Chamber of Commerce system.

In exporting jujube from Iran, the main issue is the type of consumption and application in the destination country.
When jujube is exported to India and Pakistan, it is often used for pulverization and blending with other products.
This is why they welcome small jujubes but with smaller kernels.

For this reason, it is necessary to buy and sell exported jujube with care and accurate needs assessment.
Our partners in Artin jujube production are ready to provide you with the necessary information.
There are several ways to communicate with you, one of which is to complete the consultation and sales forms.
After completing the forms carefully, our colleagues will contact you to answer your questions.

Other communication ways to make phone calls or send messages on WhatsApp are as follows.

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