Khorasan Jujube Wholesale Center – Iranian Dried Fruits

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Khorasan Jujube Wholesale Center – Iranian Dried Fruits

Khorasan Jujube wholesale center is always the best way to achieve the best quality Iranian dried jujube fruits at the most affordable price.

South Khorasan is the largest jujube production center in Iran, which offers its products in some neighboring countries in addition to Iran.
There is a wholesale jujube market in different cities of the province, but the main center for the distribution of high-quality jujube is in Birjand.
Therefore, the main Khorasan jujube wholesale center is in Birjand City.

Jujube wholesale center in Iran

Always in buying and selling the product, there are questions such as where is the main sales center of this product?
What is the way to reach the product with the best quality and the most appropriate price?
Or what is meant by the best quality products? What are the factors affecting the price?

Jujube is no exception to this story. We try to answer all these questions in this article.
Jujube is a tropical product and South Khorasan is a suitable place for growing this product due to its climatic conditions.
The cities of this province such as Birjand are the peak of the production of this product in the country.

In fact, most of the jujube production in Iran belongs to South Khorasan province and this figure was 3,000 hectares in 2019.
In other words, the production center of more than 90% of jujube in Iran is South Khorasan province.

Advantage of Buying from the Production Center

The existence of many manufacturers creates competition between products both in terms of quality and price.
In fact, because the product is available in large quantities, the price of this product in this place is more appropriate than other places.

On the other hand, the economical price of this product increases the purchase and consequently increases the producer’s profit.
The manufacturer tries to attract more buyers for its product in the coming years by increasing its quality. Otherwise, it knows that this product will be out of business.

By the way, Khorasan jujube wholesale center in Birjand is where you can find high quantities ready for export to your country.

High-Quality Jujube of South Khorasan

Jujube is a very tasty product that also has unique benefits. Which attracs the attention of many people around the world.

High-quality jujube is currently in use for export to countries such as Canada, Iraq, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, Germany and Pakistan.
The harvest season of this product is from the beginning of August and lasts for about 50 days.

Green (fresh fruit) jujube has a low shelf life and those who are interested in this type of jujube should note that there are only 50 days after the harvest season in the market.

Jujube pricing criteria

  • Package type
  • Size
  • The rate of wrinkles
  • Being healthy and pest-free
  • Color
  • Supply and Demand

Many of our products are now in use for export in bulk to other countries.
While up-to-date and different packaging can be more profitable for the country and producers.

The larger the jujube and the less wrinkles it has and the darker its color, it is considered as one of the high quality jujubes.
This type of jujube is nut jujube, which also has a higher price. This name is because of its use among other nuts and dried fruits in wholesale centers.

And jujubes that are smaller in size and have more wrinkles are in use for medicinal purposes or making jujube powder.
This type of jujube has a lower price and quality than nutty jujube.

How to Purchase Khorasan Jujube from Wholesale Center?

As it was said, Khorasan province is the cradle of jujube production in Iran.
Artin jujube production company is one of the companies active in the field of production, processing and packaging of jujube in Birjand.
In this company, dried jujube in different qualities is ready for sale in domestic and export markets all year round.

Jujube is available in Artin Company in different sizes and grades for customers. This is to be sure of quality stability when buying and registering future orders.

If you also intend to buy jujube in bulk, you can establish direct contact with the sales department of this company through various communication channels available on this website.

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