Khorasan Organic Barberry – Iranian Zereshk Wholesale

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Khorasan Organic Barberry - Iranian Zereshk Wholesale

Khorasan Organic Barberry – Iranian Zereshk Wholesale

Khorasan Organic Barberry has a high sales volume in the Iranian Zereshk wholesale markets of different countries such as Germany.

Obviously, Organic barberry is more expensive than regular barberry.
But how to find its producers and how to achieve the lower possible prices?

How to make a major purchase with confidence for the organic product.
To get the answers to these questions, you can join us in this article.

We try to provide you with the most up-to-date information on Khorasan organic barberry exports/imports.

Khorasan Organic Barberry Production

Khorasan Organic Barberry ProductionThere are two main varieties of dried barberries available in Khorasan.
Also, there are other varieties of barberry trees in Iran but the only edible and red variety is the Khorasan Zereshk.

The highest area under cultivation of Iranian seedless red barberry, which is about 98% of the country’s production, is in South Khorasan province.
Various cities in this province are active in the production of barberry and saffron.

Barberry is a very hardy shrub.
This product by itself does not require any fertilizers or toxins.
Unfortunately, in recent years, due to drought and pests in other fields, especially wheat farms and jujube trees, spraying has become common in this province.

This will cause many orchards to become unhealthy and non-organic.
But there are still areas under protection and farmers that produce their products without pesticides.

Some of these areas are pristine and are active only in the field of barberry production.
Khorasan Organic Barberry has the highest demand in the market of European countries.

Iranian Organic Zereshk Wholesalers and Exporters

Iranian Organic Zereshk Wholesalers and ExportersVery few companies are active in the sale and export of organic barberry.
These companies also offer their products in the form of long-time contracts in international markets.

But some of these collections still have an empty capacity, and on the other hand, they are trying to increase the production of these products every year.

One of the companies active in this field is Artin Barberry Production Company.
In recent years, Artin Barberry has focused on the production and export of organic barberry.
In this company, the best ANARI and POFAKI barberries are ready for the international markets.

Most buyers of this product are stores supplying healthy products in EU countries.
In these shops in these countries, all barberry fruits are tested in the laboratory and between 400 and 900 toxins and pesticides are tested.
A high percentage of Artin barberries have received the necessary approval.
As you may know, organic barberry producers monitor their orchards on a monthly basis.

On the other hand, some organic solutions are in use to strengthen trees.
The Artin company performs special measures during the harvest and processing of the product in the factory.

All this, along with the cost of testing products every year, imposes a lot of costs on companies operating in this field.
All this has led to higher prices for organic barberry, Which is quite normal and its selling price is consequently higher than Iranian non-organic Zereshk.

Purchasing Khorasan Organic Barberry in Bulk

Purchasing Khorasan Organic Barberry in BulkTo buy organic barberry, most buyers are more cautious in the first transactions, which is quite normal.
Because they do not know enough about the manufacturer of the product and feel particularly dangerous about the product being organic.
But after some time, this issue has been resolved and the two sides will buy and sell the product with confidence.
Companies active in the field of Khorasan organic barberry have different ways to solve these problems.

The Artin company performs various measures for this issue (pesticide residue and being organic).
One of these methods at the beginning of the work, which is different, is as follows:

A warehouse or cold storage that is approved by both parties to the transaction is selected to store organic barberry for a limited time.
The buyer or his representative then samples the products.
After the sample is taken to a laboratory approved by the parties, they wait for the test result.
If the product is organic and healthy, the buyer will take the product.

Otherwise, the producer replaces the new product.

Anyway, there are various options to cooperate and you can be in touch with us for more information.
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