Khorasan Pistachio Kernels’ Price | Iranian Nuts Varieties

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Khorasan Pistachio Kernels’ Price | Iranian Nuts Varieties

Khorasan Pistachio Kernels’ Price is competitive if you find a supplier who is a producer as well. Iranian nuts varieties are available here.

Khorasan high-quality pistachio kernels, in addition to having a green color and large size, have a competitive price. In fact, the appearance might be not that good the same as other purple skin kernels but it has green inside and a competitive price.

Iran is the production center of various Iranian nuts and dried fruits. Meanwhile, Khorasan province is one of the producing poles in the world with the production of high-quality pistachios.

Khorasan pistachio kernels’ price is different for various available qualities.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Production Centers

If we want to mention the two provinces and the two main centers of production of Iranian high-quality pistachios, we will undoubtedly mention the names of the Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces.

Kerman province has a long and significant role in the production and processing of pistachios.
This province has been able to meet most of the domestic needs of pistachios with its production volume.
Due to the expansion of pistachio nuts and kernels production in this province, we can say that many people working in this field and many people’s jobs are tied to pistachios and their orchards.

On the other hand, Khorasan Razavi province in recent decades has been able to become one of the centers of pistachio production and ultimately the pistachio kernel of Iran by transplanting pistachio plants, suitable climate, and proper maintenance of plants.
The pistachio kernel products of this province are in use both for domestic consumption and for export to different countries.

Of course, we have to mention one point here. To buy pistachio kernels in general, no province will be superior to other provinces. Rather, each province produces a type of pistachio in each of its sections, and the best place to buy pistachios is an area where a type of pistachio is produced and processed centrally.

Khorasan Pistachio Kernels Production

As mentioned, Khorasan Razavi province is one of the largest producers of pistachios. In this regard, the production of high-quality pistachio kernels in this province is also booming.
This has led to many factories and workshops in this province to produce and process pistachio kernels.

These workshops try to make pistachio kernels using different devices.
After peeling the pistachios, these devices separate the skin and kernels.
Of course, in some pistachios, the thin skin on the pistachio kernel is also separated from it, and luxury and very high-quality products will reach consumers.

Now the question is how to find high-quality pistachio kernel producers in Khorasan Razavi province. And how to buy directly from them.
In the next section, we have more details about direct purchases from manufacturers for you.

How to buy from Manufacturers Directly?

One of the biggest problems for merchants right now is access to and purchasing from the main producers.
For example, if you want to find the main producers of Kalleghouchi pistachios in Khorasan Razavi province, you should start your trip to different cities and finally find the producer with a lot of searching and difficulty.

On the other hand, in recent years, the purchase of agricultural products in bulk and online wholesales has flourished. Artin Trading company is one of the collections that with its 7-year history in the field of online wholesales of pistachios and its products such as pistachio kernels has been able to create many advantages for traders.

One of these advantages is the reduction of the side costs of the merchants. In fact, you can easily and simply contact the main manufacturers and make your purchase at the lowest price.
On the other hand, the Purchase and Delivery Speed in this method is much higher than in traditional methods.

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