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Khorasan Zereshk

Khorasan Zereshk Daily Price | Artin Barberry Supplier

What is the daily price of barberry in South Khorasan in the wholesale market? Is Khorasan Zereshk the best quality of edible-red barberry?
How much is the price of the different types of Persian Zereshk in South Khorasan, including Pofaki Barberry and Pomegranate Barberry?

Among the types of barberry produce in South Khorasan Province, we can mention pomegranate and puffy barberry as the most important types in the export market, each of which has its own fans, especially inside and outside Iran.

Puffy barberry (POFAKI Khorasan Zereshk) and pomegranate seeds (Anari Khorasan Zereshk) have the largest volume of exports.

The reception of this organic product by the people of European and American countries causes an increase in the export of this product to all parts of the world day by day.

Given that the price of barberry in Iran and other countries is very different, many people, along with other commercial activities and merchants, pay a lot of attention to the export and import of this valuable product.

Buying Bulk Barberry

Khorasan Zereshk

With the spread of social networks as well as the fast and easy transportation of all kinds of goods, access to the seller and supplier of the product has become very easy.

But different vendors and suppliers have advantages and disadvantages over each other, which buyers buy from different vendors considering different parameters.

The amount of purchase volume, the country where the buyer is located, the city where the seller operates, the daily price of Khorasan Zereshk in Iran, the quality of the cargo and the time of purchase are effective in determining the seller for a customer.

But as you know, the main production center of edible-seedless barberry in Iran is in the south of Khorasan province.
Birjand and Qa’en cities have the highest level of cultivation of barberry varieties.
In these two cities, there are various workshops and processing plants. These places are known as the barberry wholesale market in South Khorasan province.

Khorasan Zereshk Wholesale Market

Khorasan Zereshk

As mentioned in the previous section, the main production center of Khorasan barberry is in the two cities of Ghayen and Birjand.
But after these two centers, if we want to express the largest wholesale markets in order, we can name the following:

  • Mashhad Zereshk Market (Mosalla Bazaar)
  • Tehran Zereshk Market (Ahangaran Bazaar)
  • Shiraz Zereshk Market
  • Isfahan Zereshk Market

The largest volume of barberry in Iran in these 6 markets is mainly buying and selling to reach the final consumer.
Customers and buyers can make purchases from any of these markets according to the parameters of their required quality.

But when does the difference feel?
Exactly when the purchase volume is high and the price is very effective in buying and selling.
It is at this time that communication with producers and suppliers in South Khorasan Province can justify.

The daily price of Khorasan Zereshk in South Khorasan is always lower than other wholesale markets across the country.

Khorasan Zereshk Daily Price

Khorasan Zereshk

The price of barberry depends on various quality parameters.
Unfortunately, there are many frauds in the barberry market during production.

The main reason is that when processing barberry, unconventional ways can use to make it more polished or to make it more expensive.

Well-known companies and factories do not damage their credibility in any way; And they always try to deliver products to their customer in best possible way in terms of price and ethics.

This issue is more visible in the barberry market of South Khorasan province.
Some of the most important parameters of barberry quality that are effective in determining the price are:

  • Moisture Percentage
  • Uniformity of Load
  • Being Clean and Polished
  • Good Appearance and Color
  • Suitable Packaging

Each of these can be effective in changing the price.

To get the exact price, place your orders and also know the volume discounts, you can contact the sales department of “Artin Barberry Factory” by clicking on the image below.

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Iranian Barberry Export and Import

Khorasan Zereshk

In addition to the domestic market, Iranian barberry is also known in international markets.

  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Canada
  • Ukraine

These countries account for most of Iran’s barberry imports.

To export and import barberry, more parameters must consider than domestic barberry wholesale market.

Standard 3337 of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran government states the most basic parameters for the export of barberry from Iran, which must observe in exports.

There are other tests that are required for some countries.
The next issue in the import and export of barberry is its packaging and storage conditions.

Given that barberry has a minimum amount of moisture, it is very perishable and it is necessary to observe some subtle points in its packaging, transportation and maintenance.

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