Khorasan Zereshk Price | Iranian Red Barberry Fruit

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Khorasan Zereshk Price

Khorasan Zereshk Price | Iranian Red Barberry Fruit

Khorasan Zereshk Price is lower than everywhere else because Khorasan is the production center of Iranian red (seedless) barberry fruit.

How much is the price of high-quality Iranian barberry?
Where is the largest wholesale center for the best barberry in the market?

As you know, Khorasan is well known in the world for producing saffron and Zereshk (Barberry).
In addition to supply in the domestic market, the products of this region are also in use in large volumes for export.
In the following, we will provide you with more information about the types of barberry production in Khorasan.

Classy Barberry Production Center in Iran

Classy Barberry Production

Khorasan is one of the main regions in the field of barberry production in Iran.
In fact, Khorasan Zereshk’s price is the reference for all the prices of this product in the market.

The highest amount of barberry production in Iran is in the Southern parts of Khorasan province.
High-quality barberry is available in different types in this region of Khorasan.

The most important types of Persian Zereshk that have the most sales in the market are:

  1. Anari Barberry (Pomegranate seed shape Zereshk)
  2. Pofaki Barberry (Puffy shape Zereshk)

Many workshops and factories in Khorasan are supplying barberry fruits in large quantities.
Some of these workshops were built by the farmers themselves.

Farmers of barberry orchards in the areas and villages of south Khorasan often give their products to active workshops.
Because the amount of sales and communication volume of active workshops in Khorasan is more than in other regions.

As a result, sales volume is very high and Khorasan Zereshk’s price is more competitive and affordable in Khorasan.

Anari and Pofaki Barberry Wholesale

Barberry Wholesale

Barberry wholesale has many benefits for both the seller and the buyer.
The most important of these benefits is a significant reduction in shipping and clearance costs, Which is evident in the final price of barberry in other countries as well as in full export shipments.

One of the active sellers in the field of wholesale and supply of barberry is Artin Zereshk Company.
This company processes and produces the best types of barberry in the region.
Depending on the city and country of destination, different types of barberry can be sent to customers.

If you want to buy Khorasan Zereshk in bulk at the best price, you can contact the Artin barberry sales department.

Cartons of ANARI barberry are usually 10 kg and POFAKI barberry 8 kg.
Of course, if customers need special packaging such as fabric, paper, etc., there are all the facilities in this collection.

Of course, the type of delivery depends on the volume of orders; in this regard, our partners will provide you with the necessary recommendations.

Purchasing Khorasan Zereshk with Lower Price

Purchasing Khorasan Zereshk

Buying barberry directly from the production center has several advantages.
The most important thing is to buy at the cheapest possible price.

Of course, barberry has different prices due to the fact that barberry is offered in the market with different moisture percentages.
But the best products with the most appropriate prices can be ready from production units in Khorasan.

Artin Company is one of the main suppliers of Iranian barberries.
If you want to buy bulk types of puffy barberry and pomegranate seeds, you can get the daily price of the products.

Contact numbers and communication channels of the Artin barberry sales unit can be seen on the footer of this page.
Also, you can make your phone call right now by clicking on the image below.

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One of the specialized activities of Artin Barberry Factory is selling all kinds of exported barberry.
Iranian barberry has its own fans in the market of different countries of the world.

In the past, most Iranian, Afghan, and Turkish restaurants and shops using Iranian barberry.
But in the last few years, many countries are looking to buy Iranian barberry in different varieties.

Some countries use Iranian barberry as a raw material for some foods.
Other countries use Iranian barberry as flavoring (spice).

If you have an order for the export of Iranian barberry, you can benefit from the advice of the Artin Trading Unit.

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