Know Anab Better | How to Purchase Iranian Jujube?

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Know Anab Better | How to Purchase Iranian Jujube?

Know Anab Better if you are in the business of spices and traditional medicines. Do you know how to purchase Iranian Jujube fruits?

Khorasan is a tropical region that has become the center of selling Iranian jujube fruits at the best prices.
In this region of Iran, Anab/Onab (Iranian Jujube) is available in different sizes with different qualities by the main producers in the market.

In the following, we have more information about this product in Iran. So, if you want to know Iranian Anab better, read this article and you can also ask your questions directly:

High-Quality Dried Jujube Fruits

Jujube is a tropical product and therefore, East Iran and South Khorasan is a good origin for growing and cultivating this crop in Iran.
South Khorasan accounts for about 96% of jujube production in the country. Which according to statistics is equal to three thousand hectares in 2019.

This product tree is available in the cities of Birjand, Khousf, and Sarbisheh.
Meanwhile, the city of Birjand, in South Khorasan, due to its high volume of production, is the sales center of the highest quality jujube with the lowest price.

The harvest season of this product starts from the beginning of August and lasts for about 30 to 50 days and is ready to the market in the months of September to the beginning of July of the year.

Jujube pricing criteria

  • Package type
  • Size
  • Wrinkles
  • Being healthy and pest-free
  • Color

The bigger the jujube, the fewer wrinkles, the darker the color and the healthier it is, the higher the quality and the higher the price.
Jujubes that are larger in size, have fewer wrinkles, and are of much better quality are in use generally as a nut and dried fruit.
Jujube, which is smaller and has more wrinkles, is also in the category of medicinal jujube.

There are many factories in this city for packaging and various sorting processes such as separating large and small jujube from each other.
The large number of these factories in Khorasan create a competitive advantage in this city. According to which you can get the highest quality jujube at the best price from Khorasan.

Also, you should know that another factor affecting the price of Iranian Anab is its supply and demand in the market.
For example, if the amount of rainfall in the growing season is low, the number of pests will increase, followed by a decrease in crop supply, and ultimately increase the price of jujube.

In the same way, increasing the supply of the product also reduces the price of jujube.

Do You Know How to Purchase Iranian Anab?

The unique quality of Birjand jujube causes a great demand for this product both inside and outside Iran.
This issue provides the field for exporting this product to other countries of the world.
Currently, many countries, including Iraq, Canada, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Pakistan, are asking for this product.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, buying the best jujube at a competitive price is not a difficult task and it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money and time in this way.

Because many internet websites have been created in the field of selling products such as Birjand high-quality jujube, which accompanies us in this field.

Another advantage of buying products this way is the elimination of intermediaries, which reduces the price of jujube.
Selling products in this way also reduces the cost of products, which will lead to more sales.

Artin Iranian Anab Company is a company that has been very efficient in this field.
The sales and purchasing consultants of this company can accompany you in the collection of sales, purchasing, and even export/import affairs.

For advice on buying and selling your products, you can contact the consultants of Artin Trading Company.

Do You Know Where to Find Anab With Better Prices?

You can make direct contact with our sales managers in the Artin Company by clicking on the image below:


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