Long Pistachios Price in Iran – Artin Nuts Supplier

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Long Pistachios Price

Long Pistachios Price in Iran – Artin Nuts Supplier

Iranian Pistachio has different types such as long, round, and jumbo. Long pistachios price of Artin nuts supplier company is affordable.

The bulk sale of long pistachios is often doing from Khorasan Razavi province of Iran. Khorasan is the new production center of pistachios in Iran that is increasing its production volume year by year.
In this region of the country, due to the high production of this type of pistachio, there are competitive prices.

In Khorasan Razavi province, pistachios are producing in large quantities.
Koleghoochi (Jumbo), Ahmad Aghaei (Long), Akbari (Super Long), Fandoghi (Round), and Badami (Long) pistachios are planted in different cities of Khorasan. Although all these varieties are available in Khorasan, Badami (Long) pistachios price is more competitive in Khorasan because of its high volume production.

Badami pistachios are specially offered in the market from the Feyzabad Mahwalat area.
The Badami variety has a special long shape that you can find only in Iran.

Khorasan Long Pistachio Nuts

Khorasan Long Pistachio Nuts

Khorasan Razavi started extensive activities in the production of pistachios from the beginning of 2010.
Many farmers in different cities produce and process pistachios.

In the last 5 years, the volume of pistachio production in this province has grown a lot.
In such a way that pistachios transport from Khorasan province to Kerman province during the harvest season.
But every year we see an increase in pistachio recording and processing terminals in different regions of Khorasan Razavi.
In each of the cities of this province, a special type of pistachio grows and harvests.

Kalleghouchi pistachio is available especially in Sabzevar city and its suburbs, including ROBATJAZ and JOVEIN.
Ahmad Aghaei pistachio in Neishabour city and Fandoghi pistachio in Bardaskan city is offering to the market specifically by farmers.
Badami pistachio production center is also in Feyzabad Mahwalat city.

In this city, Badami pistachios grow as one of the pistachios that are in the long category.
The Artin company supplies long pistachios in large quantities to the entire market of the country through this city and region.

Most of the products of this region use directly for export.
In the next sections and topics, we discuss more about long pistachios price and export/import to other countries.

Long Pistachios Wholesale

Long Pistachios Wholesale

Iran is the main wholesale market for long pistachios all around the world’s nuts and dried fruits market.
In other provinces, including Kerman and Yazd, Badami pistachios are producing and sending to different markets.
But especially from this region of the country, a large volume of long pistachios is traded.

Many companies and wholesalers in this region of Iran are active in buying and selling pistachios.
The Artin company is among these suppliers. This company also exports directly to other countries.

Badami pistachio is known as one of the best-selling pistachios in Khorasan province.
One of the reasons for the high sales of this type of pistachio is its reasonable price in comparison with other long pistachios.
Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari pistachios, like other pistachios in the long category, have a higher price.
For this reason, the wholesale of long pistachios in Iran (especially Khorasan) is very high at affordable prices.

This product has its own market both inside and outside Iran.

Badami Pistachio Nuts and Kernels in Iran

Badami Pistachio Nuts

In addition to wholesale of Badami pistachio nuts, pistachio kernels also have many fans.
A high percentage of Iranian Badami pistachios at the time of harvest is in the form of closed-mouth. When separating close-mouth pistachios from open-mouth pistachios, these close in-shell pistachios are usually using to produce nuts.

Since Badami pistachio itself is cheaper, its pistachio kernel is also cheaper than other products.
The inside of Feyzabad Badami pistachio kernel is almost green and that’s why these kernels are suitable varieties for pastry.
This product, although it may not look good, But the inside of it is completely green.

Many different industries, including confectioneries and ice cream manufacturers, use this product.
Badami pistachio kernels are using in the whole-shape or even granulated-shape. Even for some purposes, buyers are interested in its powder.

These products are selling at competitive prices by Artin Pistachios company in the market.

Long Pistachios Price for Major Export

Long Pistachios Price

As mentioned, most of Iran’s long pistachios are using for export to various countries.
Long pistachio nuts and kernels have a very good sales market in some countries.

The main target markets for long pistachios nuts and kernels exports are the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan
  • Qatar
  • Afghanistan

Of course, each of these countries has different requirements for raw or salted pistachios.
Even the type of packaging and the weight of the carton or bag are different for each country.
The long pistachios price for export depends on many parameters such as packaging, order quantity, product’s quality, and market’s tendencies.

For this reason, the following should be considered when buying long pistachios and their kernels:

Size (ounces) – Percentage of close-mouth – Percentage of slightly-open – Raw or salty – Packaging – Order’s volume – Term of delivery – Payment terms

Once all these items are specified, you can easily get the daily price of the product.
You can contact one of Artin’s export department right now to have the price of long pistachios (In-shell or without shell).

The Artin pistachio supplier is ready to offer a variety of pistachio nuts and kernels for export.
You can also get more information about the export of Badami pistachios and other types of pistachios through the following link.

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