Low Price Fandoghi Pistachios for Export/Import

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Low Price Fandoghi Pistachios for Export/Import

Low price Fandoghi pistachios are the best option for buyers and merchants who wants to export/import this nut to Russia, Ukraine, and Iraq.

Low price Fandoghi pistachios are also often available for export to Spain, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
This type of pistachio is widely available in Khorasan Razavi province and its sales and exports have a high volume.
Fandoghi pistachio is one of the varieties of Khorasan pistachios, which have a high quality.

It is usually a perfect variety because of its reasonable price for export to countries such as Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and etc. who want cheap samples of pistachios.

Of course, for exporting this variety to Russia, smaller pistachios or Mechanical open types are more common.

Khorasan Fandoghi Pistachios

Khorasan Fandoghi Pistachios

Perhaps if we had been asked several years ago which province is the center of pistachio production, we would have had only one answer.
And the answer was not any provinces except Kerman province.
But during the last ten years, some farmers in Khorasan Razavi province started planting pistachios.

Of course, some Kermani farmers also came to this region and were able to give a good boost to pistachio planting in Khorasan Razavi with their experience in the field of pistachios.

This is the reason why Khorasan Razavi province is one of the pistachio production centers of the country.
In this province, pistachios are available in different types.

The highest pistachio production in this province is the following 4 pistachios.

  • At first, Fandoghi Pistachios
  • Then, Ahmadaghaei Pistachios
  • Also, Kalleghouchi Pistachios
  • And, Akbari Pistachio Nuts

If you are looking to buy low price Fandoghi pistachios in this province, Bardaskan is the best choice.
Even the focus of the villages around this city is on Fandoghi pistachios.

In this regard, pistachio recording terminals are also working in this area.
FA (Fandoghi) pistachios are also generally processed in these terminals.

Low Price Fandoghi Pistachios Wholesale

Low Price Fandoghi Pistachios

You should notice that most of the pistachio production in Iran is for export purposes.
Of course, in exporting to any country, you should consider special pistachio.
For example, some countries consider luxury and bigger pistachios.

This is because these countries pay more attention to the quality and appearance of products than their price.
Or others are sensitive to the health or aflatoxin content of pistachios and the quality or price of pistachios does not matter much to them.
Meanwhile, some countries want cheaper pistachios due to the competitive price of pistachios.

Ahmadaghaei or Fandoghi pistachios can be good for export to these countries.
These two types of pistachios are the best choices for export to such countries.

You may know that the Fandoghi pistachio production center is in the Bardaskan city of Khorasan.
So if your choice is FA pistachio, you should buy pistachio in this city.

Low price Fandoghi pistachios can be in use for export to the following countries.

  • China
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • And also Georgia

In addition, the Fandoghi pistachio has a good appearance due to its shape and is one of the most visible loads.
The Artin company is also one of the companies that have activities in this field.
Due to its structure, this collection tries to offer the highest quality products to you at the lowest prices.

For advice, purchase, or export of pistachio kernels, you can contact the consultants of this collection.

Prices of Iranian Pistachios

Prices of Iranian Pistachios

Artin dried fruit company will present Fandoghi pistachios to you in two quality classes.

  1. NO pistachios (naturally open)
  2. MO pistachios (mechanically Open‌)

Of course, determining the price of pistachios, especially Fandooghi pistachios, is not limited to the above two cases.
Among the parameters of FA pistachio pricing, the following can be mentioned.

  • Pistachio Size
  • Package type
  • Raw or salty pistachios
  • Purchase volume
  • Place and terms of delivery

By sharing the above information with the collection consultants, you can get the price of the desired pistachio.
Due to market fluctuations, you can find out the daily price of pistachios by simple contact with the consultants of the Artin collection.

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