Low Price Green Pistachio Kernels Sale and Supply

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Low Price Green Pistachio Kernels Sale and Supply

Low price green pistachio kernels are available in Iran but what does low price mean? Where is the sale and supply center of such pistachios?

Low price green pistachio kernels come in many varieties, but one of the cheapest products is peeled pistachio granules.
This product is not available always and everywhere. In fact, there are a lot of buyers for such products but the production capacity and the supply amount is lower than its demand in the market.

Low-price pistachio kernels are usually effective for production units. Ice cream makers, sweets, chocolates, and pastry makers are the main buyers of this product.

There are a lot of pastry producers all over the world. Sohan and Nougat in Isfahan (Iran), Baklava and Lokum in Istanbul (Turkey) are the most important types that you see pistachios inside them. therefore, the pistachio kernel is one of the main raw materials in the production of these products.

Pistachio Kernels for Sweets and Pastries

Pistachio kernel for these uses must have several basic characteristics. The most important thing is the good taste and freshness of the kernel because this product is in use as one of the main raw materials.

Then it is very important to be clean and free of any foreign matter. If the hard skin of the pistachio or anything firm in the pistachio kernel is likely to harm the end consumer. For this reason, this should be very important for manufacturers during production.

Another important parameter in the preparation of the pistachio kernel is its greenness. The greener the pistachio kernel, the better its appearance, especially when making powder. So, low price green pistachio kernels are really of interest to most buyers.

Another item is the type of packaging, which should be under consideration by the production units and sellers of these products in order to increase their shelf life and easy transportation.

The last and one of the most important features for wholesale is the price of pistachio kernels. Which should be very competitive so that the price is as low as possible. In fact, it’s always important in the business to keep the prices at a competitive level.

Artin Low Price Green Pistachio Kernels

In the Artin pistachio kernel production company, several types of products are available only for the production of cakes, sweets, and ice cream. The main feature of these products is the absence of foreign materials because, in both mechanically and manually produced qualities, the products are sorted with very high accuracy.

On the other hand, sizing is one of the most important parameters in the production of pistachio kernels, because many factories pour pistachios and ingredients automatically in their sweets or ice cream, and to do this, the size of the pistachio kernels must be the same; In this regard, pistachio kernel’s size sorting is important in the Artin factory.

In fact, professional production in this collection is to clean pistachio kernels, which is the best option for inside all kinds of food or to decorate it.
Also, in addition to pistachio kernels, green pistachio powder is also available in the Artin company.

Artin pistachio kernels are in two general categories: normal and peeled. The typical classification of pistachio granules is into 3 different sizes.
To receive images and determine the size of each of these categories, as well as information about the price of products, you can contact the company’s sales department directly.

Bulk Pistachio Kernels Packaging

The packaging of bulk pistachio kernels of the Artin factory is in the form of 10 kg cartons in which pistachio kernels are vacuum-packed. This type of packaging, in addition to preventing damage to the product, increases the shelf life of pistachio kernels. It’s due to the lack of direct contact with the open air.

All products are for export directly from the factory in Mashhad to all over the country. In addition, some of these products are in use for export to neighboring countries. If you need to buy these products, you can contact Artin Trading Department.

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