Low Price Jujube for Iraq Market | Iranian Dried Fruits

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Low Price Jujube

Low Price Jujube for Iraq Market | Iranian Dried Fruits

If you are in the business of dried fruits, you can import low price jujube for the Iraq market. Iranian dried jujube fruits are perfect to import.

For the export of jujube to Iraq, light color and non-worm corrosion are of great importance.
It means that the dried jujube for export from Iran to Iraq should be light brown with the biggest possible size.

The low price of Iranian jujube can create a significant sales volume in the Iraqi market.

The low price Iranian jujube has many buyers in different regions, especially in Kurdistan and Ardabil, Iraq.
Active traders between Iran and Iraq, along with other nuts, also offer Iranian jujube fruits.
The other names of Iranian dried jujube fruits in the market of Iraq are as follows:

  • ANAB
  • UNAB

These are in fact the Persian names of this product not only in the Iraq market but also in some other markets and countries.
Barberry and jujube are the two main products of South Khorasan province in eastern Iran.

Exporting Iranian Jujube to Iraq

Iranian Jujube to Iraq

One of the main target markets for Iranian jujube exports, along with Canada and Russia, is Iraq.
Iraq, as one of Iran’s neighbors, buys a good amount of Iranian ANAB.

The low price Iranian jujube has buyers in the southern parts of Iraq.
However, the largest volume of jujube sales in the Iraqi market is in Kurdistan and Erbil.
In these areas, traders and merchants offer high-quality products.

Exporting and sending this product from Iran to Iraq is very easy and is done from the western borders of Iran.
In low volumes, some companies send Iranian jujube fruits to Iraq without customs duties.

In order to export jujube to Iraq, some quality parameters of the product are important.
First, jujube should not be too small; Medium-up jujube is of interest to Iraqi buyers.
On the other hand, dark color is not in high demand and light color jujube is the focus of the market and the Iraqi people.

In the Artin company, we have 7 codes and grades of jujube available to sell in different markets.
Among all these quality grades, 2 of them are the best for the market of Iraq (Code 3 (C) and Code 4 (D)).

Artin Iranian Jujube Fruits Wholesale

Iranian Jujube Fruits Wholesale

Artin jujube production company is in the production center of this product, ie South Khorasan province.
Birjand and Khousf are known as the largest producers of jujube in Iran.

After this city, the cities of Qayen, Arinshahr, and Zirkuh Hajiabad have the most jujube production.

In the Artin jujube company, after the harvest season and drying of products completely, jujubes are ready for sorting by size.
In this industrial unit, dried jujube is classified into 7 different codes.

The first grade is hand-picked jujubes that are available in low volume. By the way, the price of this product is high, and therefore, Iran’s domestic market is better than export markets for this grade of Persian jujube.

5 codes and grades of the Artin jujube fruits (Iranian Anab), is in use to sell in stores and shops as a snack and dried fruit.
2 grades are in use for medicinal purposes. Some call these grades “medicinal jujube size”.

All jujubes except first-grade Persian ONNAB are prepared and processed in bulk and tonnage in this collection.
If you want to import low price Iranian jujube to Iraq in bulk, 30kg bags are available in the Artin company for bulk export of this product.
Each of the jujube codes of the Artin production company is suitable for different countries.

Jujube small sizes (Medicinal jujubes), for example, have many buyers in India and Pakistan.
On the other hand, high-quality and smooth-skin jujube is good for Canada.
And for many countries, including Iraq, Russia, and Kazakhstan, medium-size jujube nuts are in use and of interest.

In fact, each market requests the purchase of jujube in a certain size according to their needs.
To receive and view photos of different grades of the Artin jujube, you can contact our experts on social networks.

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