Low Price Peeled Pistachios | Buy Iranian Pistachio

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Low Price Peeled Pistachios

Low Price Peeled Pistachios | Buy Iranian Pistachio

Low price peeled pistachios are the best option when you want to buy Iranian pistachio for countries that don’t need an Aflatoxin certificate.

Low price peeled pistachio kernels are available in Iran by various manufacturers.
One of the major sellers of this product is Artin Pistachio Company.
This type of pistachio kernel is using to produce powder or use in sweets and ice cream.

Normally, peeled pistachios should be in different categories according to their color.
To make it easier to use and sell.

In the following, we will provide more information about low price peeled pistachios.

Low Price Peeled Pistachios

Low Price Peeled Pistachios

One of the best-selling types of pistachio kernels is green varieties.
Some growers use pistachio kernels that are uniform.
In this regard, peeling pistachio kernels is one of the main solutions for this issue.

One method is to use raw pistachio kernels to produce peeled pistachios.
These products have more buyers in export markets.

This type of pistachio kernel commonly has 6 different grades based on color.
Of course, the last 2 grades of these pistachio kernels are pistachio halves and granules.

Using green unripe and immature pistachio kernels is not a good idea to produce low price peeled pistachios.
In this regard, some other pistachio kernels are suitable for producing these kernels at a cheaper price due to the amount of green inside.
In the Artin production company, due to the existence of all facilities for peeling the product, low price pistachio kernels are available besides many other varieties.

For this purpose, the pistachio kernels of Feyzabad, which have a black appearance but a green belly, are usually in use.

Green Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

Green Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

All kinds of green pistachio kernels are available in the Artin factory for the markets inside and outside Iran.
These pistachio kernels are available in different types in the market.

The main green pistachio kernels of this company are as follows:

  1. “Kaul” or green Pistachio kernel
  2. Peeled pistachio kernels
  3. Wild pistachio kernels
  4. Pistachio Granules
  5. Pistachio powder

The Artin company sorts all types of these pistachio kernels before packaging them for the market.
Obviously, the absence of wastes and foreign substances in the pistachio kernels is of great importance.
In this unit, all products are sorted by both laser and manual procedures. This is to reduce the percentage of waste to the lowest possible level (1% and less).

If you want to buy Iranian pistachios and any of the above types of pistachio kernels, you can contact the Artin sales department.
Our colleagues in this department are ready to respond to you ASAP.
In addition, pictures of each product along with the price will be sent to you on WhatsApp or other social networks to make your purchase with confidence.

Pistachio Kernels and Powder Prices

Pistachio Kernels

The price of the pistachio kernel and its powder depends on various parameters.
One of the main cases is the daily price of close-mouth pistachios in the wholesale market of Iran.

As you are aware, pistachio is an export product and its price is directly dependent on the exchange rate of the USD and Euro to IRR.
In this regard, the price of the currency creates a high percentage of price fluctuations in the field of pistachio kernels.

Of course, weather problems such as frost and water shortage also affect the price of products in some years.
Once the overall price is determined, the type of pistachio kernel and its quality affect the price.

For this reason, the daily price of the products cannot be placed on the website.
Because each type of pistachio kernel has different parameters that are effective in pricing.
Some of these parameters are as follows:

Freshness and taste – Percentage of cotyledons and broken kernels – Amount of pest – Type of packaging – Amount of order and the term of delivery
In the Artin company, it is possible to package the product in different weights.
Also, if customers want, the products will be sent vacuumed for longer shelf life.

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