Low Price Pistachio Granules for Ice Cream and Sweets

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Low Price Pistachio Granules

Low Price Pistachio Granules for Ice Cream and Sweets

Low price pistachio granules are common to use in ice cream and sweets and also various chocolates and confectionaries all around the world.

Granulated pistachio kernels are perfect and mainly in use by confectionery workshops especially when they have reasonable quality and affordable price.

This product must-have features to be welcomed by buyers.
One of the most important of these criteria is the clean and uniform shape and size of the pistachio granules.

Artin pistachio kernel production company is one of the main suppliers of these products.
In the following, we will get more familiar with different classifications of Artin low price pistachio granules.

Production of Low Price Pistachio Granules

Low Price Pistachio Granules

Pistachio granules (broken and crushed pistachio kernels) are often not sorted by size by production units because they are cheap in price and some producers think that these pistachio kernels are not that worthy to spend time on their sortings.

But one of the new innovations in the Artin company is the screening of pistachio kernels.
With this method, all the pistachio kernels that are available in the Artin company are completely homogeneous (near in size and shape).

This method creates a special situation for confectionery factories and workshops and ice cream producers that pour pistachio kernels into the machine.
In these factories, pistachio kernels pass through the sieve, and the remaining kernels are re-cut into smaller pieces by hand or by machine.
In addition to taking time to this second procedure of re-cutting pistachio kernels, this will also make a lot of pistachio powder.

But a lot of research has been done in this field in the Artin company. So that low price pistachio granules with a certain size are ready for the market.

The products in this production unit are in 4 different size categories.
These 4 sizes are permanent and remain constant throughout the year. Therefore, pistachio kernel-consuming workshops do not need to change the settings of their devices.

Pistachio Granules Wholesale and Supply

Pistachio Granules Wholesale

Various centers are active in the field of production and wholesale of pistachio kernels.
Many of them operate in the two provinces of Kerman and Khorasan Razavi as the two main centers of pistachio production in Iran.

As mentioned, granulated pistachio kernels are often available in the market without sorting.
The sorting of these low price pistachio granules by shape, size, and color is one of the services of the Artin pistachio company in Iran.
In this production unit, various types, qualities, and quantities of pistachio kernels are available to supply for wholesale markets.

Artin low price pistachio granules are commonly in 10 kg cartons.
The products are in vacuum packages to increase the shelf life of pistachio kernels.
Meanwhile, the Artin pistachio kernel production company is in Mashhad and they export their products all over the world directly from Iran.

There are various documents necessary for clearance in the destination country. Therefore, you need to coordinate all these documents to be ready for you before shipment.

Artin company has the ability to perform all customs formalities of your product in Mashhad customs.
Obviously, it’s better to make contact with us directly to be more familiar with the purchase procedure. This is important especially for major supply:

In addition, all the necessary coordination for transit and transportation, as well as insurance and all export affairs are done by Artin customs clearance workers.

Artin Pistachio Kernels Online Purchase

Artin Pistachio Kernels

Artin’s major supply center sends all products directly to you from the factory.
Due to the growth of the Internet and social networks on the one hand, and the Qovid-19 virus, on the other hand, many sales are online even in bulk and high volumes.

Artin company is one of the top sales websites for pistachios and pistachio kernels due to its long history of presence in online sales networks.

If you need to buy pistachio kernels in bulk, be sure to follow the steps below.
So that your purchase is in the best way and with complete satisfaction.

  1. The first step is to contact a sales expert.
  2. After explaining the required type of pistachio kernels, our colleagues will send you the relevant images.
  3. A price list will be sent to you along with the photos.
  4. Then you choose the pistachio kernel according to your needs.
  5. If you need to see the size up close, you can submit your sample request.
  6. Finally, after the final confirmation, the product will reach you in the shortest time.

If you wish, you can contact the sales experts of the Artin collection right now.

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