Low Price Pistachio Kernels for Import

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Low Price Pistachio Kernels

Low Price Pistachio Kernels for Import

There are many buyers for low price pistachio kernels to import them to their countries. Choose your required pistachio kernels based on your type of consumption.

Selling and buying low price Khorasan pistachio kernels is very profitable in some export/import markets.
Second-grade pistachio kernels producing in Khorasan are exporting at low prices to Iraq, Russia, Pakistan, and Syria.

You can cooperate with the Artin production unit to buy these products in bulk.

Khorasan Pistachio Production

Khorasan Pistachio Production

In the last 10 years, the volume of pistachio production in Khorasan is increasing day by day.
Farmers in different cities of Khorasan Razavi province with high education and knowledge are producing pistachios in this province.
Different regions in this province of Iran are engaged in pistachio production:

  1. Bardaskan
  2. Sabzevar
  3. Faizabad (Mahwalat)
  4. Neyshabour

The main products of Khorasan are from these areas, while pistachios have been planted in some other cities.
Pistachios producing in these cities are different from each other.

In Faizabad, most of the pistachios are Badami pistachios (Long Variety), while in Neishabour, Ahmad Aghaei pistachios have the highest production.
Sabzevar city is the largest producer of Koleghouchi (Jumbo) pistachios in the region.
Bardaskan is also known as Fandoghi pistachio in the Iranian and world markets.

The specialization of planting and producing pistachios in each of these areas has made the work easier for buyers and traders of other countries.
For more information in this regard, you can search the word “Khorasan pistachio” on Artin’s website.

Low Price Pistachio Kernels for Import

Low Price Pistachio Kernels

During the pistachio cracking procedure in the pistachio harvest season, a large volume of empty pistachios with a low percentage of kernels collect in pistachio recording terminals.
With the cracking of these pistachios, which are also close-mouth, second-grade and low price pistachio kernels will usually produce.

Selling cheap and low price pistachio kernels has its own market.
These kernels are selling both in the Iranian market and in export markets.

Inexpensive pistachio kernels are also commonly known as Rouabi pistachio kernels.
In this type of kernels, there are both wheaty-shape and small kernels, granulated kernels, and on the other hand, the color of pistachio kernels is not that purple.

This type of pistachio is usually producing in high volumes throughout the year and exporting from Khorasan.
The destination countries for exporting this type of pistachio kernel are as follows:

  • Pakistan
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Russia

Of course, this type of pistachio kernel is sending to some customers in these countries.

In Iraqi Kurdistan, for example, this type of pistachio kernel does not have many buyers, but in other parts of Iraq, the sale of inexpensive and low price pistachio kernels is very high.

Pistachio Kernels Price

Pistachio Kernels Price

As mentioned in the previous sections, one of the pistachio producing areas in Khorasan Razavi is Bardaskan city.
In this region, most pistachio products are related to Fandoghi pistachios.

The Rouabi Fandoghi pistachios with a low percentage of kernels are the best option for producing low price kernels.
Pistachio recording terminals and factories operating in the area are the largest producers of these pistachio kernels.

One of the companies active in this field is Artin Company, which has been known as one of the exporters of pistachio kernels in recent years.

Since the daily prices of pistachios and pistachio kernels fluctuate sharply in some time periods, it is not possible to place exact prices on the website.
But Artin Pistachio Company has put different ways for you to get the daily price of different types of pistachio kernels.

The easiest way is to fill in the relevant forms on the site or contact the sales experts of Artin Company directly.

Vacuum Packaging for Pistachio Kernels

Vacuum Packaging for Pistachio

Different packages can use to export different types of pistachio kernels.
The most common packages for this are:

  • 50 kg PP bag
  • 10 kg cartons
  • 10 kg vacuum packages in carton

For inexpensive pistachio kernels, sack bags in different weights are often using commonly.
But some customers prefer to buy the product in vacuum packages to increase the shelf life and not change the state of the product.
With this method, although the cost is a bit more, the packaging is more elegant and the product lasts longer.

In the Artin company, all products are preparing in different packages. In addition, all customs affairs and formalities will be performed by the commercial and clearance team of the company in the shortest possible time.

You can use the advice of our experts to get more information about the necessary certificates for imports.

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