Major Supply of Barberry in Ramadan | Artin Zereshk Supplier

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Barberry in Ramadan

Major Supply of Barberry in Ramadan | Artin Zereshk Supplier

You might know that Barberry in Ramadan is a good selling product and the major supplier is Iran. Artin Company in Iran do supply Iranian Zereshk for Ramadan.

First class barberry is being purchased in large quantities for various food stuffs in Ramadan by people and reception halls.
Puffy barberry and Pomegranate Seeds are among the best-selling types of edible barberry in Khorasan, Iran.
Not only Arabian countries, But also Canada, Australia and Germany are the buyers of barberry in Ramadan.

Iranian South Khorasan Barberries

Khorasan Barberries

South Khorasan is the center of barberry production in Iran.
More than 98% of the edible barberry is producing in Khorasan orchards.

One of the most important characteristics of edible barberry in eastern Iran is its red color and this product is Seedless.

The most important types of barberry produces in this region are:

  • Pomegranate seed barberry that is the English name of ANARI ZERESHK
  • Puffy barberry that is also the English name of POFAKI ZERESHK

Each of these types has a different processing procedure.
The main supply period of the above barberries in the market is different from each other, for example, puffy barberry releases from February. Also the major supply of ANARI (pomegranate seed) of barberry starts in November.

Barberry’s Major Supply

Barberry Major Supply

Barberry sells in wholesale markets in different cities and countries.
But in Iran as the main supplier and producer of this product, wholesale markets of Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz and Isfahan are the most prosperous markets for buying and selling different types of barberry.

However, Shopkeepers in these markets get their products mainly from the two markets of Qa’en and Birjand.
These two cities are the center of production and processing of barberry varieties.

During the holy month of Ramadan, these products send directly from the markets of these two cities throughout the country and also using for export to other countries.
The point is that many importers of food stuffs, obviously starts purchasing barberry one months before Ramadan.

Due to the increasing demand for Iftar and catering, the purchase volume of barberry varieties increases in Ramadan.

Wholesale of Barberry in Ramadan

Barberry in Ramadan

One of the months of the year when there is the highest demand for barberry after the month of Muharram, as well as the return of pilgrims from Saudi Arabia, is the holy month of Ramadan.

This month, according to the good tradition, it is Valimeh and Iftar that the demand for this product will increase.
That’s why wholesalers in different cities and countries are trying to get the products they need before this month.

But for barberry, most sellers buy this product earlier in the month.
The best conditions for keeping barberry in a cold room are between +4 and +6 Celsius degrees, and if it is more than that, the probability of changing the color of the product increases.

Artin Barberry Co. in Iran is one of the main suppliers that export this product to your country.
If you want to buy barberry for next Ramadan, Keep in touch with Artin sales managers.

Prices of Barberry in Ramadan

Barberry in Ramadan

As demand rises this month, so does the price.
But always, for staying away from sharp price fluctuations, connecting with production centers can be an effective way.

Barberry producers in Qa’en and Birjand process their products before the holy month to meet the needs of their customers as demand increases.
At these times, of course, there are also profiteers who are trying to increase prices indefinitely.

But there are also many committed manufacturers in the wholesale market in the two producer cities who sell their products at a reasonable profit in the market.

To get the current price of the products, the best option is to contact the sales department of the production centers.

Call us now in the Artin company to get the daily prices.

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