Mashhad Zereshk in Canada | Iranian Red Barberry Export/Import

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Mashhad Zereshk in Canada | Iranian Red Barberry Export/Import

Mashhad Zereshk in Canada | Iranian Red Barberry Export/Import

You might see Iranian red barberry in Canadian markets. Mashhad Zereshk in Canada and America is common as an Iranian spice.

To export barberry from Iran to Canada, you must use the best and most high-quality puffy barberry.
Many exporters buy their products from the wholesale market of Mashhad or the production factories of Khorasan province in Iran.
In fact, Mashhad Zereshk is not a variety, it’s Iranian red barberry but its traditional wholesale market is in Mashhad City in Iran.

Some of the barberry sellers in Mashhad are the sales offices of the factories, but a large number of them work as dealers, which should be taken into account when buying in bulk.

In the following, we will examine the characteristics of export-quality barberry for sale in the Canadian and American markets; The major quantity of Mashhad Zereshk in America is the product of Iran that is coming to America indirectly through Canada. In fact, most of the importers of Iranian barberries in Canada, re-export this product to America.

Of course, due to the presence of Iranians, Afghans, and Arabic speakers in Canada, the use of barberry by restaurants and chain stores has a significant volume.

Barberry Variety for Export from Iran to Canada

Barberry Variety for Export from Iran to Canada

The Canadian market is one of the best markets since the beginning of Iranian barberry exports; The main reason is the high demand of restaurants and chain stores to buy Iranian barberry.
Of course, the demand for barberry in the US market has not been ineffective either, because due to the political relations between Iran and the United States, direct exports are close to zero.

But the barberry, which is popular in these markets and welcomed by traders, bazaars, and the general public, is puffy barberry with light red color. Uniformity and having a puffy shape is one of the most important parameters for exporting barberry from Iran to this market.

Anari barberry is in use for special purposes such as dehydration and the production of beverages. The volume of orders in this area is very low and the basis for sending Iranian barberry to Canada is puffy barberry. Therefore, if you want to know that:

What is Mashhad Zereshk in Canada and America’s markets?

You should know that it’s Iranian puffy barberry that is more common for export from Iran to these countries.

For these reasons, the best barberry for the Canadian market is puffy barberry.
Another feature of Puffy-Barberry that is very popular with buyers is its low moisture content. Mashhad Zereshk (Puffy-Barberry) has a longer drying process than other types of barberry; For this reason, its price is more expensive than other types of barberry.

How to buy Mashhad Zereshk to sell in Canada? Where to receive the best prices?

Call us nowMashhad Zereshk Wholesale Price

Mashhad Zereshk Wholesale Price

Mashhad wholesale market is one of the determining markets and the main seller of barberry in Iran; But do you know where the main center and center of barberry production in Iran is?

The highest area under cultivation of Iranian barberry is in South Khorasan province. The central cities of this province are the largest producers and exporters of Iranian barberry.

Barberry, saffron, and jujube are 3 strategic products of South Khorasan province and most of these products are for export to different countries.

Iranian barberry is less available than saffron in world markets, but in the last 5 years, the export volume of this product has increased a lot, which is confirmed by the statistics of the Iranian Customs and Chamber of Commerce.

To have the best wholesale purchase price, you should either contact the main producers in South Khorasan Province; Or contact the sales offices of these companies in the Mashhad market.
One of the main reasons for this is that barberry is different in quality in different parts of the province. And if the product is procured from high-volume vendors, many barberries are not similar in appearance, and this issue Makes sales difficult.

For this reason, the best option is to contact barberry producing companies.

Artin Barberry company is one of the best companies and production units of barberry in South Khorasan province.
To receive the price list as well as advice on buying barberry for export to Canada and other global markets:

You can contact our partners on WhatsApp:

Shipping and Storage Condition for Mashhad Zereshk

Shipping and Storage Condition for Mashhad Zereshk

To send barberry to Canada and the United States in high volumes, the main shipping route is by sea. This route is both long and the environment has very high humidity.

Barberry can change color quickly and sometimes become pests if it is in a hot or humid environment.
In this regard, barberry must be in durable and standard packages to minimize damage to the product; On the other hand, reefer containers must be in use for shipping.

The ideal temperature for barberry should not be negative and the best temperature is from +4 degrees Celsius to +10 degrees. Barberry will not have any change in color or appearance at this temperature. If the temperature is negative, the color of the barberry does not change; But after the product comes out of the freezing state, the barberry seeds change slightly and some of the seeds lose their puff.

This issue must be considered by exporters for the export of barberry from sea routes or on hot days of the year. For more information about the type of packaging, you can contact the sales experts of Artin barberry company.

Also, the following video is an example of barberry for export from the Artin company. Which you can watch this video right now.

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