Mechanical Open Pistachio Varieties for Sale in Bulk

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Mechanical Open Pistachio Varieties for Sale in Bulk

Mechanical Open Pistachio Varieties for Sale in Bulk

Mechanical Open pistachio varieties have almost the lowest possible price of Iranian pistachios for sale in bulk and import in high volumes.

Iranian mechanical open pistachio has high sales in the markets of Iraq, Georgia, Russia, and Kazakhstan.
By the way, this type of pistachio has good and profitable markets in Japan and Europe because of its hygienic parameters.

Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari pistachios have the highest order volume along with the Fandoghi variety.
In fact, MO (Mechanical Open) pistachios are in demand in these markets due to their lower prices.

For producing each variety of MO pistachio nuts, a specific method should be in use.
In the following, we will talk more about how to smash and open the close mouth pistachios.

In fact, Mechanical Open Pistachio Varieties are the pistachios that were close-mouth and have opened by means of mechanical methods and also using cold and hot water.

Most of the MO pistachios are available in the market roasted and salted (not raw).
But some traders tend to buy pistachios raw.

How to Produce Mechanical Open Pistachios

How to Produce Mechanical Open PistachiosMechanical Open Pistachio Varieties are pistachios that were close-mouth and have opened by means of mechanical methods and also using cold and hot water.

This method uses cold water and dryers at a certain temperature.
This is a very specialized job and you can manage how much the pistachio nuts mouthes should be open.

Because most of the time, Mechanical open pistachios are roasted; For this reason, pistachios should not be opened too much.
But when MO pistachios are in use in raw, their mouth can be more open to improving their appearance.

If you do not have experience in this work, the possibility of pistachio kernels peeling or staining increases.
There are several ways to make each type of pistachio open. But in general, it can be said that it is easier to make Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari (Long) varieties open.

But for Kalleghouchi and Fandoghi (Round) pistachios, there is one step more step to the process of making the product open.
At this stage, it is necessary to hit all the pistachios with pliers or a hammer with special pressure. Which is both time-consuming and increases the cost of mechanically opening the product.

Export/Import of Mechanical Open Pistachio Varieties

Export/Import of Mechanical Open Pistachio VarietiesThe export of MO pistachios is of interest to merchants of different countries due to its reasonable price.
American pistachio is usually active in the market of these countries.

Given that American pistachios have a low kernel value, the main option for competing with pistachios is Iranian MO pistachios.
These pistachios are in use to export/import both raw and in salt form.

Of course, sometimes in different markets, customers tend to combine natural-open pistachios with MO pistachios. This causes the price of natural-open pistachios to be greatly lower but keep the appearance better. Some call this variety: Class B pistachio nuts (a mixture of NO and MO pistachio nuts).

Different countries buy Iranian class B and C pistachios.
Most of the orders are from the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Armenia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Georgia
  • China
  • Ukraine
  • Iraq

Each of these countries buys a specific type of pistachio.
For example, in the Ukrainian market, Ahmad Aghaei and Kalleghouchi pistachios are more popular.

How about the Prices of MO Pistachios?

How about the Prices of MO Pistachios?The price of mechanical open pistachio varieties is directly related to the price of close-mouth pistachios.
Various parameters are to determine the daily price of these pistachios.

Some of the most important of them are as follows:

  • Pistachio variety
  • %Kernels yield
  • Ounce (pistachio size)
  • Uniformity of size and color

All of these together determine the daily price of close-mouth pistachios as the raw material for the production of MO pistachios.
After determining the price of this product, you should consider the costs of the opening procedure and drying.
This is to determine the price of raw MO pistachio.

If a special roast is necessary, we should add the roasting costs to the final price of the product.
Finally, the packaging costs of the product should be determined according to the destination country.

If you intend to export/import in the form of 50 kg bags, obviously, there is no special cost.
But if you want to export pistachios in 10 kg cartons, the cost of packaging must also be of interest.
By calculating all these cases, the daily price of MO pistachios in the country of origin will be determined.

Now, if you want to determine the price of the product in the customs of the destination country, you must also consider the following costs:

  • Specify the volume
  • Customs and clearance for the export
  • Determining how to send and transport (rail, land, sea, air)
  • Inquiry about shipping and insurance costs
  • Doing business

Our partners in the Artin sales and trading unit are ready to provide you with more information in this field.

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