Mechanical Open Pistachios for Sale, Supplier & Exporter

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Mechanical Open Pistachios

Mechanical Open Pistachios for Sale, Supplier & Exporter

The cheapest type of pistachios for sale is Mechanical Open Pistachios. Any Iranian Exporter and Supplier knows that this type is good for import to Spain, Russia (CIS countries), Iraq and China.

Given the high volume of Iranian pistachio products exported in recent years and the increased attention to export and foreign sales of non-oil products in Iran, demand for cheap pistachio samples has also increased. And in particular, the cheapest types of this product are Mechanical Open Pistachios.

On the other hand, Iran is one of the main producers of pistachios in the world alongside the US and Turkey. Of course, the appearance of Iranian pistachio is slightly different from that of the US and Turkey:

Pistachio Comparison

Of course, When buyers purchase Mechanical Open Pistachios for sale, They need to know that the appearance is really different with natural open types.
This is while the correct way the Mechanical production process is performed is also very important in its appearance.

In the Mechanically opening method, The Supplier uses hot and cold water to open the mouth of the pistachio, so the pistachio kernel is watered and should not consider a very tasty pistachio when selling this type of pistachios.

However, many exporters sell salted mechanical open pistachios, especially for the Iraqi and Russian markets.

Producing Mechanical Open Pistachios:

The main methods of opening the close mouth pistachio have the same generality only slightly depending on the type of pistachio.
This different process makes the appearance of some mechanical open pistachios easier to detect.

Mechanical Open Pistachios

If you are an exporter or supplier of pistachio in your country, you need to read this article well.
By the way, If you have this type of pistachios for sale, Remember to remind the customer of the mechanical open pistachio at the time of purchase.

Mechanically Opening Long type Pistachios:

Obviously, You know that Ahmadaghaee (Ahmad Aghaie), Akbari and Badami are the long type pistachios for sale.
These types of pistachios are easier to open because of their sharp and long appearance.

These pistachios are first spread in the heat until slightly warmed and ready for the mechanically opening process. Then, immediately after warming, pistachios pour into ponds with cold water (water and ice).
During this cold, the pistachios start to open and the pistachio’s mouth cracks slightly.
Next, the pistachios warm and dry in the sun or using a dryer.
In the drying process, the pistachios’ mouths are more open and smiley.

The pistachio shell is very fragile and easily breaks into two cotyledons, Sometimes the pistachio kernel may fall out on the basis of kernels percentage (of the primary close-mouth pistachio).

Mechanically Opening Jumbo and Round type Pistachios:

Obviously, You know that Kalleghouchi is Jumbo and Fandoghi is Round type pistachio for sale.

At first glance you might say that these pistachios are also open with cold water, but not in practice.
The round and spherical appearance of the pistachio nuts makes the process of opening harder and sometimes impossible.
Therefore, We have a solution that it takes more time:

  • Pistachios should be hit with a hammer before being placed in the dryer.

This shot leaves the pistachio ready shell, but one interesting thing happens in this type of opening:
Pistachio opens from the bottom, yes it is very common and depends on the experience of the worker who performs the hammering process (hammering on the pistachios).
That is why it is much easier to detect Mechanical-Open round and jumbo pistachios than other varieties.

Because of this hammering process, this type of opening is called the mechanically opening pistachio (Mechanical Open Pistachios).

mechanical pistachios can also have a more open and attractive appearance, which is also dependent on the workforce experience.

Why are Mechanical Open Pistachios cheaper?

Normally, Natural-Open pistachios are at least 20% to 30% more expensive than close-mouth types. Therefore, the price of the initial close-mouth pistachio (uses to produce mechanical-open pistachios) is lower, And therefore the sale price of mechanical open pistachios is at least 20% lower than natural open pistachios.

Close Mouth Pistachios

Market of Mechanical Open Pistachios for Sale:

In general, this type of pistachio is suitable for shipping to price-driven markets where buyers compare prices more than quality.
Most suppliers of mechanical open pistachios, export this product and there’s no special market for it in Iran.
Any exporter of these type of pistachios have it’s own market because the taste of consumers differ.

In the export market of Russia and Iraq, the first destinations of Iran’s mechanical open pistachio nuts, Purchases are high.
Russia buys all kinds of pistachios from Iran, But Iraq is the only buyer of Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei.
China is also a market for selling various types of Iranian pistachios.
Sale of cheap Ahmad Aghaei pistachio has recently been boosted for the Qatari market.

You should not forget to mention the quality of the mechanical- open pistachios when selling pistachio cargoes, because the shelf life of the pistachio is shorter and more difficult to maintain.

Unfortunately, some suppliers & exporters, especially in export markets, blend the percentage of mechanical-open with natural-open pistachios, which causes problems in the first few months after purchasing.

If you use mechanical-open pistachio for roasting and salting as nuts, be sure to buy the type of mechanical-open that has more slightly open because the skin of this pistachio is so fragile.

Distinguishing Natural Open and Mechanical Open Pistachios:

  • Mechanical Open pistachios break easily from the bottom if you press on, as opposed to natural open pistachios.
  • The mechanical pistachio contains opened pistachios from the bottom, which is not the case with the normal open type.
  • There is no cheap price without reason, The pistachio red color and taste of the mechanical opens are clearly diminished.
  • The inner layer of mechanical pistachio skin is sometimes darker than natural types of opens.
  • The mechanical open pistachio kernels move easily inside the shell, while the natural open pistachio hasn’t this problem.
  • Occasionally some mechanically-opened pistachios are pink especially in Ahmad Aghaei variety.

The parameters involved in the sale of mechanically-opened pistachios are slightly different from those of natural open models.
For example, in these low-price varieties, the most important issue is the amount of kernels. (In fact, Kernels available per 100 grams of product).
Contact the our Export Sales Manager for daily mechanical and natural open varieties prices.

Mechanical Open Pistachios

Artinnuts, Exporter and Supplier of Pistachios

Artinnuts Pistachio Company, doing these steps in pistachios business:

  • We have pistachios orchards in Khorasan and Kerman (Iran)
  • Artinnuts manufacturing factory process fresh pistachios coming from orchards at the harvest season
  • Producing These products from pistachios is what we do in our production lines:
    • Pistachio Kernels (Green Kernels (peeled & not peeled), Purple skin kernels, etc.)
    • Pistachio Nuts (All varieties in Raw and also Roasted and flavored types)
    • Shell of the pistachios (Hard shell of pistachios)
    • Mechanically Opening Pistachios
    • Slivered Pistachios (Produced from Green Peeled Pistachios Kernels)
    • With many other side products
  • Packaging products for sale (Also Bulk Packaging)
  • Exporting to the destination countries
  • And many other services you may need

Artinnuts Pistachio factory

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