Mechanical Open Pistachios Purchase for Import/Export

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Mechanical Open Pistachios Purchase

Mechanical Open Pistachios Purchase for Import/Export

Mechanical Open pistachios purchase in bulk might be a good choice especially for import/export to Europe and CIS countries with low prices.

Mechanical open pistachio is one of the cheapest varieties and qualities of open pistachio nuts.
There are various companies and countries all around the world that have perfect markets for this variety of pistachio nuts.

Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Georgia, and Iraq have high volume mechanical open pistachios purchase because of their low price in comparison with the natural open pistachios.

Spain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland are the buyers of this variety because of its high trustworthy about Aflatoxin residue (There is a need of an special production procedure for Aflatoxin-free MO pistachios).

M/O (Mechanical Open) pistachios have different varieties and sizes available to import/export markets.
Given that mechanically opening pistachios is a precise job, you must contact experts in this field.

These pistachios have attracted the attention of many traders and merchants due to their reasonable prices.
In this article, we will provide explanations about the export/import of this product.
By the way, you can find out how to import and purchase mechanical open pistachios to supply for your market.
Obviously, there are more to talk about and discuss this variety of pistachios, so you can contact us directly:

What are NO and MO Pistachios?

NO and MO Pistachios

As you know, pistachios are both Open and Close after harvesting from the tree.
After the pistachios are dry, a device and a machine separate the Open pistachios (Natural Open or NO) from the Close pistachios. Therefore, they name this device as a separator commonly.

Close mouth pistachio nuts (In-shell Close Pistachios) have two main uses. in fact, there are two main methods of processing these pistachio nuts.
Either these pistachios enter the pistachio kernel production process or they are in use to produce Mechanical Open (MO) pistachios.

Mechanical Open pistachios purchase would be profitable when you know what is this pistachio actually. And when you know the production procedure, obviously you can choose between different qualities.

If we want to explain in more detail; It should be noted that mechanical-open pistachios are open in various mechanical ways.
In short, it can be said that first, the producer of these pistachios should pour Close-Mouth pistachios into a pool of cold water.
This cold water will crack the shell of pistachios. Then they put the product on the dryer.
The temperature of the device is preset to open the mouth of the pistachio enough.

In addition, some types of pistachios, such as Fandoghi and Kalleghouchi, need to be hammered or hit before the cold pool.
In fact, the cold water alone is not enough to make the round-shaped pistachios open.

The outcome pistachio is Mechanical-Open pistachio or the Persian name is ABKHANDAN.

Mechanical open pistachios’ purchase price attracts merchants and buyers in other countries.
Since American pistachios have a low percentage of kernels inside their shells, Iranian MO pistachios can compete with them for price.

This leads to a good boom in the export of Iranian smoked pistachios.

Iranian Mechanical Open Pistachios Supply Centers

Mechanical Open Pistachios

As you are aware, Iranian pistachios are available in different provinces of this country.
The main centers of production and sale of Iranian pistachio nuts are in the 2 provinces of Kerman and Khorasan Razavi.

Other provinces such as Yazd, Semnan, South Khorasan, and etc. also produce pistachios, but their volume is not high.
Therefore, the main sales and export center of mechanical open pistachios is Kerman and Khorasan provinces.

Various factories in these provinces are active in the production, packaging, processing, and export of pistachios.
One of the companies supplying pistachios for the export/import of MO pistachio nuts is the Artin pistachio company.
This industrial unit only sells pistachios for export and does not sell its products inside Iran.

If you have any plan for mechanical open pistachio purchase in bulk for export/import, the Artin company can supply the following varieties of this product for you:

  1. Ahmadaghaei (Long Variety)
  2. Akbari (Super Long Variety)
  3. Fandoghi (Round Variety)
  4. Kalleghouchi (Jumbo Variety)

Each of these products is available in different sizes and qualities (Both raw or roasted) to customers.
MO pistachios will be a good choice to import especially when you want to buy roasted and salted pistachios with a high percentage of salt.

How to Receive the Mechanical Open Pistachios Purchase Prices?

Mechanical Open Pistachios Purchase

To get the price of MO pistachios, various parameters must be under consideration.
We will tell you these parameters later and by having these items, you can receive the price of your desired product from our sales managers on the Artin pistachio website.

Criteria for determining the price of Mechanical-Open pistachios (IRANIAN ABKHANDAN PISTACHIOS):

  1. Pistachio type (Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, etc.)
  2. Purchase volume (Order Quantity)
  3. Pistachio size (usually per ounce)
  4. Processes: “Raw” or “Roasted” or even “Roasted & Salted”
  5. Packaging

By announcing these items, you can receive the price of your desired pistachio in the shortest possible time.
Also, if you need advice, you can complete the contact forms within this website (Footer Section).

Call us nowAflatoxin Free MO Pistachios

Aflatoxin Free MO Pistachios

One of the questions is whether MO pistachios are suitable for export/import to EU countries that are sensitive to aflatoxin fungi?
To answer this question, we need to have a brief explanation about aflatoxin.

The aflatoxin usually develops and grows when pistachios are harvested and peeled late after harvest.
In other words, the fungus of aflatoxin penetrates the pistachio kernel through its soft and fresh skin.
But this is not the case with Close-Mouth pistachios. In other words, aflatoxin is not able to pass through the hard skin (hard shell) of pistachios.

For this reason, Close-Mouth pistachios are completely permissible regarding aflatoxin level.
But the point to consider is that in order to produce Aflatoxin-free MO pistachios, it is necessary to separate the open-mouth and even slightly-open pistachios from inside the Close-Mouth ones.
Pistachios, on the other hand, should be open in a perfectly hygienic environment.

If you intend to export/import this product, be sure to use the advice of our colleagues in the Artin pistachio trading department.

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