Medicinal Jujube Purchase in Bulk | Iranian Jujubes

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Medicinal Jujube Purchase

Medicinal Jujube Purchase in Bulk | Iranian Jujubes

Medicinal Jujube fruits are the small sizes of Ziziphus Jujubes. The are many pharmaceutical companies that purchase Iranian jujube in bulk.

You can buy medicinal jujube online in bulk from the Artin website.
In this collection, small size medicinal jujubes are sold in 2 different models.
Join us to receive photos and prices of these products.

Due to its high medicinal properties, jujube is using to treat various diseases.
In fact, there are various herbal medicines that pharmaceutical companies are using jujube extracts in them.

Artin Iranian Medicinal Jujube

Iranian Medicinal Jujube

Medicinal jujube is also available in the market under other names.
The most important of these names are powdering-quality jujube, small jujube, juicy jujube, and etc.

Jujube is using in spice shops as well as in pharmaceutical factories due to its use in medicine for various diseases.
Various companies are active in the production of jujube syrup in Iran and abroad.
Small jujubes with a high percentage of wrinkles are mostly using for medicinal purposes.
The reason is that large and healthy jujubes consume and use as nuts and snacks mostly.

Since the properties of small jujube are not different from large ones, small jujubes are using in the production of medicines.
Another reason for this is the low price of medicinal jujube in comparison with large size jujubes.

Artin company is known as one of the producers and suppliers of jujube in South Khorasan province.
In this collection, medicinal jujubes are coming to the market in two codes.
The last 2 codes among the 7 classified codes of Artin jujube are related to medicinal jujube.

Online Purchase of Artin Jujubes

Purchase of Artin Jujubes

You can buy medicinal jujube and also big size jujubes online from the Artin company.
In this company, all products with the best quality will reach you in the shortest time.

To buy these products in bulk, you can first ask the company’s sales experts to send you photos of different codes.
Artin company classifies Iranian medicinal jujube fruits and also big size jujubes into 7 different codes.
2 codes are Iranian medicinal jujube fruits and the other 5 codes are large size jujubes.

Online shopping can be done through various websites.
But the best option for buying these products in bulk are active producers in South Khorasan province.
Various production units in this province sell bulk types of dried jujube fruits.
Buying medicinal jujube online has become very simple with the expansion of internet use in people’s daily lives.

The only sensitivity remains on the quality of the product, which becomes a reassurance by buying from reputable production factories.

Artin Dried Jujube Sales Center

Dried Jujube Sales Center

Artin jujube production company has started its activity in the past years in South Khorasan province.
The main area of ​​activity of this production unit is in Birjand.

Jujube from surrounding regions has the highest sales by this company.
In previous years, jujube was marketed without size sorting. But for several years, jujube production units have been categorizing their products in different sizes using sieve trays or automatic sieving devices.

The main parameters for determining the quality of jujube in Artin company are:

Jujube size

product color

amount of wrinkles

sweetness and taste of the product


the amount of pest

All of these are directly affecting product pricing.
The Artin jujube sales center is in Khorasan.
The usual packaging for jujube wholesale in this production unit is 30 kg bags.

Approximate Purchase Price of Iranian Medicinal Jujube

Iranian Medicinal Jujube

As mentioned in the previous sections, the price of jujube is dependent on the quality parameters.
On the other hand, the supply and demand in the market also affect the price of this product with high medicinal properties.
In years when jujube production in the region is low for various reasons, such as drought or frost, the price of the product rises sharply.
Or in the cold seasons of the year when jujube consumption increases, the price of this product increases to some extent.

All these factors together determine the daily price of all kinds of medicinal jujubes.
In the following, you can see the price list of different types of Artin jujube in 7 different codes (last updated: December 2020):

If your purchase volume is high, you can contact Artin sales experts and take advantage of volume discounts.
We hope to start a long-term cooperation with you in your country.

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