MO Akbari Pistachio | Price – Wholesale – Supply

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MO Akbari Pistachio | Price - Wholesale - Supply

MO Akbari Pistachio | Price – Wholesale – Supply

MO Akbari pistachio is really cheaper than NO pistachio but why? How much is its wholesale price? Where’s the supply center of MO pistachios?

Iranian Mechanical Open (MO) Akbari and Ahmadaghaei pistachio nuts are really common for Iraq and Russia.
Exports of low-price Iranian MO pistachios have been increasing in recent years to compete with American pistachios.
The wholesale of roasted and salted mechanical open pistachio nuts are more common than raw varieties. In fact, the taste of raw MO pistachio is a little weaker than NO qualities. Therefore, it’s more common to consume it flavored.

In the following, we will briefly explain the production process of MO Akbari pistachio to open your eyes to this product.

How to Make Pistachios Open Mechanically?

How to Make Pistachios Open Mechanically?

during the harvest season, some pistachio fruits are closed-mouth. Therefore, producers separate these close pistachios from the open ones.
Natural-open pistachios are available in the market almost everywhere.

But pistachios that are closed-mouth and not open are in use for two purposes; These products are either in use to produce pistachio kernels or to produce open pistachios by means of mechanical methods.

To make close pistachios smile and open, first, we should place the products in cold water for a certain period of time and then place them on a dryer for a certain period of time. This is how we make MO Akbari pistachio ready for the market.

In fact, these pistachios are opened by water but they call them Mechanical Open pistachios. There is a reason for this name:

Round-Shape pistachios need some hits by hammer before placing on the dryer to be completly open. So, because of this mechanical procedure, they call it MO pistachios.

In this way, all closed-mouth pistachios are now open. This is not that easy process as it seems and if the pistachio is in the water or on the dryer for a long time, its quality will not satisfy buyers’ requirements.

Specially, When we are producing MO Akbari pistachio nuts, it’s more difficult to produce good quality, so you need to choose your supplier from the best ones.

MO Akbari Pistachio Wholesale

MO Akbari Pistachio Wholesale

Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are among the best-selling types of pistachios. These types are of interest to merchants and traders of different countries due to their shape and appearance.

To determine the selling price of MO pistachios, the following items are effective:

  • At first, the Price of Close-Mouth pistachios (according to size, type, and quality)
  • The cost of the MO procedure
  • The cost of roasting and salting (according to the buyer’s order)
  • Packaging costs
  • Transport cost

Taking into account all these cases, the price of MO pistachios can be calculated and this product can be easily offered in different export markets.

The sales of MO Akbari pistachio in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Iraq, and Georgia are very high. Russia and Ukraine often demand pistachios with high salt content. The reason is the type of use and consumption of pistachios in these countries.

Export and Supply of Low-Price Pistachio Nuts

Export and Supply of Low-Price Pistachio Nuts

MO pistachios are perfect for export from Iran to countries where having a competitive price is very important due to their reasonable price.

Of course, mechanical open pistachios can also be available in different quality classes, which should be according to the target country’s market.

Some exporting companies export cheap pistachios of different qualities to have a competitive advantage in these markets. In this way, they have the desired product for all the needs of the market, and this causes credibility in these markets.

To receive the daily price of MO pistachios as well as pistachio kernels, you can contact one of the main manufacturers and exporters of this product, namely the Artin pistachio nut and kernel production company.

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