MO Pistachio for Russia | Iranian Mechanical Open Pistachios

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MO Pistachio for Russia | Iranian Mechanical Open Pistachios

MO Pistachio for Russia | Iranian Mechanical Open Pistachios

Do you know MO pistachios? The Artin company supplies Iranian MO pistachio for Russia and Ukraine. Mechanical Open pistachios are cheaper.

Mechanical Open pistachios are in use in different types for export to Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, and different other countries.
MO pistachio has buyers in different global markets especially Russia due to its lower price in comparison with the NO pistachios.

Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari (Long and Super Long) pistachios are more common in these markets.
Fandoghi and Kelleghouchi (Round shape varieties), which are an additional process in mechanically opening, are also in demand in various international markets.

Join us in this article to learn more about MO pistachios for export/import.

The Production Process of MO Pistachio

The Production Process of MO PistachioMechanical Open pistachio, also known as AB-Khandan in Iran, has the following process.
As you know, some pistachio nuts are opened-mouth at harvest and some are closed-mouth.
After harvesting the pistachios from the tree and drying the crop, machinery separates opened-mouth pistachios from the closed-mouth pistachios.
This is a procedure that you can do for all the pistachios (not only fresh pistachios at the harvest season but also dried pistachios)

These closed-mouth pistachios are in use for 2 purposes after separation:

  • Cracking and producing pistachio kernels
  • Production of MO pistachios

In fact, a Mechanical open pistachio is pistachio that has an open mouth by a process.
The Persian name of this quality is AB-KHANDAN (literally means “opened by water”) because they use water in the production procedure.

When you are using MO pistachio for export to Russia, you should know that there are various qualities of this pistachio available in the market.
On the other hand, specialization in producing MO pistachio is a job that is done only professionally by some companies.
Of course, there are many companies active in this field, but the ability to produce a good output product is very valuable.

Artin MO Pistachio for Russia

Artin MO Pistachio for RussiaArtin production company is one of the active companies in the field of producing MO pistachios.
The main focus of this company is on pistachio exports from Iran, which according to the main target markets, most products are low price pistachios.

MO pistachio nuts are usually available in the market in roasted and salted form.
In some countries, the taste is high in salt, which creates a very good taste for mechanical open pistachios.

Low price Iranian pistachios have buyers in the markets of different countries.
This type of pistachio is in competing with pistachios produced in Greece and the United States in global markets so far.
The main countries buying low price Iranian pistachios are as follows:

  • Russia – Ukraine – Kazakhstan – Georgia – Pakistan – Iraq – Uzbekistan

Of course, first-class natural open pistachios are also welcomed in these markets, but the highest number of orders is for the cheap pistachios.

Some customers prefer a combination of NO pistachios and MO qualities to have higher quality but competitively priced products.
In this type of pistachio, the percentage of a combination of each type is according to the price and customer’s request.

MO Pistachios Major Price

MO Pistachios Major PriceMechanical Open pistachios can be available in different types and in different markets.
Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios have a simpler and shorter process to be mechanically open due to their long shape.

But in the production process of mechanical open Fandoghi and Kalleghouchi pistachio, the process is really more difficult.
For this reason, the most common types of Abkhandan (MO) pistachios in the market are Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei.
Which have the largest number of orders.

To get the price of these pistachios, various parameters must be under consideration so that the price of the product is accurate.
The most important and main of these parameters are as below:

  • Pistachio type
  • Pistachio ounce (size)
  • % of kernels
  • Being raw or salty
  • Package type

Once these items are identified, the exact price of the pistachios can be provided to you.
You can contact the sales department of Artin Company to receive advice on buying bulk pistachios.
Our partners are ready to provide you with all the necessary information about pistachio exports to Russia and other countries.

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