MO Pistachio Price for Ukraine | Artin Nuts Exporter

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MO Pistachio Price for Ukraine | Artin Nuts Exporter

MO Pistachio Price for Ukraine | Artin Nuts Exporter

MO pistachio price for Ukraine and Russia depends on the quality and quantity of the products. The Artin Nuts Co. is an Exporter as well.

The price of mechanical-open pistachio is the lowest possible price of pistachio in Iran.
Pistachio exports to Ukraine and Russia are often in the form of salty and at competitive prices.

Pistachio generally has different quality classes, which in this article we will give you a brief explanation about it.
Iranian pistachio export markets are various countries that in each of these markets certain types of pistachios with different quality grades are in demand by customers.

In this regard, we must be careful in choosing pistachios quality, type of packaging, and also roasting the product to make a profitable trade for both parties.

Iranian Export-Quality Pistachios Grades

Iranian Export-Quality Pistachios Grades

Obviously, pistachios in Iran have different types in terms of appearance. Each of these types falls into the Long or Round categories.
The 5 general types of Iranian pistachios are as follows.

Ahmad Aghaei / Akbari / Fandoghi / Badami / Kalleghouchi

Each of these types can be available in different sizes.
But all these types of pistachios can be into 3 general quality categories. In fact, each of the above types can be in three different ways in domestic and export markets. These 3 categories are as below:

NO or Natural Open Pistachios:

This type of pistachio, known as NO in world markets, refers to pistachios that are open after harvest (Shell is open and you can see the inside kernel) and have a larger pistachio kernel than other quality classes.

MO or Mechanical Open Pistachios:

Naming this type of pistachio in international markets with MO is really common. At the time of harvesting, some of the pistachio nuts are closed-mouth. Producers can open these pistachios after harvesting by means of some mechanical procedures but the appearance and the quality of these varieties are not as good as NO pistachios.

A Mixture of MO and NO:

The combination of the above two models with different percentages of each one is cheaper than NO pistachios and more expensive than MO pistachios.
This combination decreases the price of NO pistachios and increases the quality of MO pistachios.

MO Pistachios Sale Price for Ukraine

MO Pistachios Sale Price for Ukraine

Closed-Mouth pistachios are either in use to produce MO pistachios or to make a variety of pistachio kernels. In the Artin Pistachio Company, we specialize in producing pistachio kernels and MO pistachios.

MO pistachios price depends on various parameters and you need to know these parameters if you are willing to import pistachios to Ukraine and Russia.
The competition in the market of Ukraine will enter you into a trade-off between quality and price.

According to the experienced team, the production of MO pistachios is processed according to the needs of customers. For example, if pistachios are for export in the form of salty and roasted pistachios, it is necessary not to open the mouth of the pistachio too much. If the pistachio is raw, the pistachio will be in a completely open and good-looking way.

All facilities for the production of MO pistachios with an affordable price and acceptable quality should be hygienic.
For export for many European countries, where the amount of aflatoxin is very important for the customs of destination, one of the suggestions is MO pistachios processed in a completely hygienic environment. To receive the price of the products, you can contact the sales department so that our partners can guide you.

Exporting Iranian Pistachios to Ukraine

Exporting Iranian Pistachios to Ukraine

Salty MO pistachios are often in use to send to Ukraine. The percentage of salt for roasting is often higher than usual because, in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia, the salinity of pistachios is very important.

Export packaging to Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Georgia is often 10 kg cartons.
Rarely is 50 kg pistachio bags for these markets. Therefore, 10 Kg cartons are the most common packaging for this country. Also, You can contact WhatsApp sales experts to view bulk packages.

The route of sending pistachios from Iran to Ukraine is through Turkey. Part of the route is by land and the other part by the sea.

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