New Crop Barberries to Import | Iranian Zereshk

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New Crop Barberries

New Crop Barberries to Import | Iranian Zereshk

New crop barberries come to the market based on their variety. If you want to import Iranian Zereshk, you need to know the harvest season.

New crop first-grade Iranian barberries are available in the Artin barberry company to sell in bulk.
About 1 month after the harvest season, sales of the Anari variety of barberry begin.
But it takes more than 4 months (after the harvest season) to prepare puffy barberry.

For this reason, from October until puffy barberry is ready to be marketed, Anari barberry is more popular.
So the new crop of Anari Persian Zereshk comes to the market in October. And the new crops of Puffy barberries would be available in February and March.

Production of Iranian Dried Barberries

Production of Iranian Dried Barberries

We have two different varieties of Iranian dried barberries available in the market.
One of them (Anari or Pomegranate seed shape barberry) comes to the market faster than the other one (Pofaki or puffy shape barberry fruit).

The process of producing pomegranate seed shape barberry is much shorter than puffy barberry.
In the following, we will describe the production process of Anari barberry to know why the new crop of Anari barberries is available faster each year.

For the production of Anari barberry fruits, the fruits are separated from the tree by vibration and shock.
The farmer and producer place these fruits under direct sunlight.

When the producer exposes the products to direct sunlight they usually dry in a process of one to two weeks.
In the drying stage, the producer should turn the barberries upside down.
Overturning barberries have two reasons:

  • Better drying process and sunbathe on the lower barberry
  • Prevent mold from seeds that are under other seeds

This way the new crop Iranian Zereshk would be available in less than 2 months after the harvesting time.

Pomegranate seed barberries usually have a more squeezed shape than puffy barberry.
The reason for this is the same overturning of barberry by the farmer.
Of course, some farmers try to reduce the fracture rate of pomegranate seed shape barberries with their creativity.

After these steps, barberry enters workshops and processing plants to separate its waste from barberry.
Separating thorns, leaves, and other works done in the workshops is one of the steps in the production of a new crop of barberries.

New Crop Barberries Wholesale Center

New Crop Barberries Wholesale Center

The largest producer of barberry in the world is South Khorasan.
Therefore, the highest sales of barberry, especially Anari barberry, occur in this province.
Of course, the Mashhad market in Iran is also one of the major markets for Iranian Zereshk.

The production center of Iranian barberry in the southern parts of Khorasan. You can search for the cities of Qa’en and Birjand if you want to buy Iranian Zereshk from the producers. Of course, this is especially true for bulk purchases.

Buying new crop barberries from the production centers has many advantages. Two of the most important points are:

  1. Firstly, the price of barberry in this market is very reasonable, especially for major purchases.
  2. Secondly, due to the production and processing of barberries in this area, barberry has a high freshness and quality.

Both Anari and Pofaki barberries are available in the production centers till the next harvest season.
Artin barberry production company is one of the collections that have workshops in this province and offers you the best barberry at the lowest price.
You can contact Artin company sales consultants for advice and purchase of various types of barberry, including pomegranate seeds.

Export of Iranian Barberry to Turkey and Russia

Export of Iranian Barberry to Turkey and Russia

A high volume of barberry is using for export to other countries.
Russia and Turkey are also part of these countries. In fact, Russia and Turkey are important markets for Iranian barberries.

Exporters of Iranian barberries usually export Anari variety to these two countries. Russian and Turkish customers prefer this type of barberry.

Another point in exports to these two countries is the borders of exports to these countries.
Barberry is generally exported to Russia through the Astara Khan border and after receiving it in Russia, it is sent to various cities in Russia.

For advice and purchase of barberry for export, you can contact the sales and export consultants of Artin Barberry Commercial Production Complex.

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