New Crop Barberry Sales | Iranian Dried Fruits

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New Crop Barberry Sales

New Crop Barberry Sales | Iranian Dried Fruits

The new crop barberry harvest season in Iran starts in October and ends in November. Dried Iranian Berberis Vulgaris fruits are red and seedless.

the new crop pomegranate seed shape barberries will be ready for sale in the market from the end of November.
But dried barberries in the variety of puffy-shape barberry will be ready for distribution in the market about 4 months after that and from the beginning of March.

You can contact sales experts to get the daily price of each type of dried barberry.
Use the following bottoms to make direct contact with the Artin barberry company:

New Crop Barberry Export/Import

New Crop Barberry

The barberry production center of Iran is South Khorasan and the distribution of barberry is doing from this province.
Iranian barberries need to undergo various procedures and processes to prepare for the market.

Each of the producing areas produces different quality products according to soil quality, ambient temperature, and also water using for irrigation.
In some areas of South Khorasan province, there are more pests for various reasons.
For this reason, many farmers spray the trees, which should be considered for export to some countries.
In fact, Organic barberry sales markets need products without any pesticide residue.

Barberry harvest season begins in mid-September, which lasts until November due to weather conditions in some areas.
But the process of drying and processing products is different.

Supplying New Crop Barberry

Supplying New Crop Barberry

The supply of new crop dried barberry is doing according to the type of barberry in certain periods of time.
Pomegranate seed barberry is ready for the market sooner than other types due to the possibility of drying in direct sunlight.

If the conditions and humidity of October and November are favorable, pomegranate seed barberry will be completely dry almost from the end of November.
During this period, of course, pomegranate-seed-shape barberry sales are doing with high moisture but in low volume.

But barberry is more difficult to store with high moisture and must be consumed quickly, otherwise the possibility of mold increases.

The time of supply of puffy-shape barberry is approximately from March because this product needs more time to dry.
Puffy barberry dries indoors and away from direct sunlight.
This drying method makes the barberry lighter in color than the pomegranate seed barberry.

Different methods of drying barberry cause the supply intervals of these products to be different.
Each of these types has its own buyers in both domestic and export markets.

Artin Barberry Sales Centers

Artin Barberry Sales Centers

One of the major sales centers of barberry in Khorasan province is Artin Barberry Company.
In this company, all kinds of barberry production in South Khorasan are selling in bulk throughout the year.

The most important and main types of barberry that have high sales are:

  • Persian Anari Zereshk (Pomegranate Seed Shape)
  • Persian Pofaki Zereshk (Puffy Shape)

In this collection, barberry is processing according to customers’ needs.
For example, for export customers who are more sensitive to the product, organic oils are using to process barberry.
Or if the moisture of the product is of great importance to the buyer, special devices will be used to clean the barberry.

To receive the daily price of barberry for domestic consumption or export to different countries, you can contact the sales department.
In this collection, barberry is producing and supplying in different qualities for different uses.

To view pictures and videos related to the new crop barberry fruits, you can also ask sales experts to send you the desired pictures through social networks.

High-Quality Iranian Barberry for Export

Iranian Barberry for Export

The new crop Iranian dried barberry in the last decade as one of the best-selling products along with Khorasan saffron in export markets.
Iranian pomegranate seed barberry and puffy barberries have many buyers in world markets.
Each of these buyers registers a specific type of order according to their needs.

For example, the highest demand for Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey is for pomegranate seed barberry.
Canada, Germany, Oman, and Kuwait are the main buyers of Puffy Berberis Vulgaris.

It is better to use reefer containers for exporting barberry, especially by sea.
Because barberry has a certain amount of moisture, the standard limit is 16%.

If barberry is exposed to the sun (high temperature) or in an environment with high humidity, it changes color and mood quickly.
In addition, barberry should not be placed in plastic for export, because the same moisture causes the barberry to sweat.

In this regard, either paper should be used between barberry and carton, or special fabrics should be used for this purpose.
You can contact our partners to receive pictures of the export packaging of Artin products.

Use the following link to visit the Original-Persian website of Artin company:

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