New Crops Jujube Fruit Wholesale | Iranian Nuts

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New Crops Jujube Fruit

New Crops Jujube Fruit Wholesale | Iranian Nuts

New crops jujube fruit comes to the market in late September. Artin company produces and exports Iranian jujube dates to nuts and dried fruits markets.

Jujube sells directly from the orchards of South Khorasan province at more reasonable prices.
This article has been written in September 2020, and the product of this year is perfect in quality.

Active production units in Khorasan province send their products directly to different cities and countries.

Jujube Fruit Harvest Season

Jujube Fruit Harvest Season

Jujube harvest season begins in late August and the harvest volume is good every year.

Iranian jujube harvest amount in different cities and orchards is different due to the weather conditions of a few days at the time of harvest.
Most jujube fruit production is in the south of the province, especially in Birjand and Sarbisheh.

The jujube (Red Date) harvested in 2020 is very good in terms of quality and promises a good year for the sale and export of jujube dates for farmers in this region of the country.

There are a lot of names for Iranian jujube: Anab, Unnab, Red Date, Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit, and jujuba

The jujube gets dry until the end of September and is ready for the next stages of processing.
The most important step before selling jujube is sorting it manually or by machine.

Jujube fruits first categorize by size, but other parameters also involve in determining quality.

New Crops Iranian Jujube Fruit Wholesale

New Crops Jujube Fruit

The main center of jujube direct sales in Iran is its producer province, namely South Khorasan.
South Khorasan province is the largest center for the production and supply of nuts, especially barberry, saffron, and jujube.

Most of the jujube sales are from the two cities of Birjand and Qa’en, and the main reason is the proximity to the communication channels and the ease of sending the product.

Birjand, as the capital of South Khorasan province, has the highest number of direct sales of jujube throughout the country.
Direct sale of jujube from production centers has many advantages, the most important of which is the reasonable price of the product.

In addition to Birjand and Ghaen, jujube is also selling in other wholesale markets, including Mashhad Bazaar. Mashhad is a city in the center of Khorasan.
This market also has various advantages and disadvantages that can measure according to the conditions and method of delivery.

Artin Production Company is one of the collections that sell the first-class jujube in Birjand directly.
In this collection, all jujube sorting, sending, customs procedures, and obtaining certificates for export are doing in the shortest time.

For more detailed information about exports of new crops Iranian jujube fruit, you can contact the business unit of this collection.

Iranian Jujube Fruits Wholesale Price

Jujube Fruits Wholesale Price

Price is always one of the main parameters in buying and selling jujube, especially for bulk volumes.
Although in no way should quality sacrifice for price.

As mentioned, the best product price can obtain by contacting active production units in South Khorasan Province.
By buying directly from the farmer or the active production units in the area, the price is fairer and closer to reality.

Since jujube is available in different quality categories in the market, a sample of the product must be seen closely.
But for the convenience of buying and selling, the Artin production company prepares its jujube products in different categories every year.
These categories are mostly based on size, but other parameters are also effective in determining the price:

  • Jujube color
  • Freshness (New crops jujube fruit)
  • Wrinkle rate
  • Percentage of pest infestation

Each of the above parameters is effective in determining the price.

Khorasan Unnab for Sale

Khorasan Unnab for Sale

It is possible to sell fresh jujube only at the beginning of the harvest season.
Fresh jujube has a green color at the beginning of the season and its taste is very pleasant and uses as a fruit for fresh eating.

But for many of our customers, the question is, why is fresh jujube on the market all year round by some vendors?
Are these jujubes in the refrigerator or frozen?

But the short answer is that it is the dried jujubes that sellers wet them before launching the product on the market.
In other words, dried jujube is put in water for a few hours before the sale, and then it is ready for sale.

And this product is selling as fresh jujube all year round.

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