Organic Barberries Wholesale | Iranian Zereshk without Pesticides

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Organic Barberries Wholesale | Iranian Zereshk without Pesticides

Organic barberries wholesale market and center are Iran. In fact, Iran is the only producer of red barberries (Iranian Zereshk) without pesticides.

The non-organic and organic barberry fruits are the export-quality products of South Khorasan province in Iran.
This product has many buyers in the markets of countries such as Germany and France and is available at competitive prices.

Due to the fact that in South Khorasan province, in addition to barberry, a large area under cultivation is for jujube and almond crops next to wheat fields. Due to the pests of these products, spraying (using pesticides) is common in this region of the country; And it is possible to transfer these pesticides from jujube orchards to barberry orchards.

In this regard, you should buy organic products from reputable companies that inspect their orchards on a monthly basis. Because price of organic barberries is much more expensive than non-organic barberries.

Organic Barberries Production Center in Khorasan

The center of production and cultivation of Iranian red barberry is in the south of Khorasan province. Of course, you might know this part of Iran with the products such as Saffron and Pistachios as well, but the South Khorasan Province of Iran is producing more than %95 of the red, seedless, and edible barberries of the world.

Organic barberry is available in all barberry-producing cities in South Khorasan province. But many of these products have not been tested, and the farmer simply cannot process the product with confidence; Because according to the explanations provided in the previous sections, the orchards around their crops may have been sprayed.

But some areas (under cover of the exporting companies) are the best option for buying organic barberry. Because many of these companies test their soil, trees, and crops every year, and their laboratory analyzes are under the control of technical experts.

In South Khorasan province, a small number of manufacturing and trading companies are active in the organic barberries wholesale business. One of the active groups in the field of production and export of organic barberries in this region of the country is Artin (Organic and Non-Organic) Barberry Wholesale Company.

This company offers its products directly in the markets of European countries, especially Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Part of the sale of this company is to merchants and traders of other countries inside Iran.

Healthy Barberry Export/Import in Bulk

Healthy and organic barberry is distributing in the domestic market of Iran directly by Artin Barberry Company. Since the price of this type of barberry is higher than other types, the price will increase sharply if you are purchasing through an intermediary.

In this regard, for better profitability for the buyers of the Artin Co., it was decided to provide its products to various customers inside and outside Iran through virtual networks and the Internet. But keep in mind that the sale of this company is only in bulk and in tonnage volume.

Of course, you should notice that the main sales of this product are in international markets and special countries. In fact, not all markets are buyers of this product.

In some European countries, there are stores selling healthy and organic products. These stores only buy products with organic certification or with strict analysis and testing in their own country. So you should test your products and they should be barberry without any pesticide residues.

Purchasing Organic Barberries for Wholesale

Organic barberry is often available in two ways. Both methods are possible in the Artin production line. In the first method, according to the customer’s order, you need a certain quantity of the product. For these orders, so we need to provide all the documents for that cargo.
But in some cases, by concluding annual contracts, customers order the product. In this case, according to the volume of the order in different months and its time, the conditions of payment and presentation of the necessary certificates are different and negotiable.

If you also need to buy long-term or order a specific part of organic barberry, you can contact the sales department of Barberry Artin Company.
Our colleagues in this department are ready to provide you with the necessary information.

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