Organic Barberry for Japan | Iranian Dried Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

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Organic Barberry for Japan | Iranian Dried Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

There are not numerous companies supplying Iranian organic barberry for Japan. dried Berberis Vulgaris fruit is a new product in Japan.

Organic barberry has its own buyers in Japan and South Korea as well as Germany.
This product has a higher price than other types of barberry due to production and processing in protected conditions.

Researchers in Southeast Asian countries, after conducting numerous experiments on organic products in Iran, have concluded that among these products, barberry, in addition to being an organic and healthy product, also has medicinal and anti-cancer properties.

Japan is one of the importers of organic barberry from Iran and due to the fact that this country is active in the field of food processing, using its industrial potentials to process and package this product to sell the side products and sub-products under its brand.

Organic Seedless Barberry Production

With each passing day, we see that people care more about their health and nutrition.
Therefore, organic products are of interest to many countries more and more.
Iranian barberry is no exception.

These barberries are produced under certain conditions and health comes first in them.
Organic barberry is barberry that the producer doesn’t use pesticides and chemical fertilizers in theirsproduction.
For this reason, organic barberry must be under the control of certain conditions.
This makes the production of organic barberry difficult.

These barberries are in areas away from wheat and jujube fields.
This is to keep them away from the toxins of these lands.
Various experts will monitor these barberries on a regular basis.

These barberries are a product of South Khorasan province, the center of barberry production in Iran.
Of course, organic barberry growers are very limited.
In the next section, we will provide more information about this topic for you.

Purchasing Organic Barberry from Iran for Japan

As we saw in the previous section, organic barberry has few producers.
It is quite clear that this is due to its difficult production and maintenance.
One of the collections that are active in the field of production and sale of barberry is the Artin company.

In the field of organic barberry, this group performs various activities from production and processing to sales and export.
In these collections, reputable and special farmers produce organic barberry.
Along with farmers, experts also perform relevant experiments on crops and trees.
This makes organic barberry products produce and supply completely healthy barberry.

Of course, most of the organic Iranian barberry is in use for export from Iran to other countries.
Japan, for example, is one of them. And also Germany is one of the first buyers of Iranian organic red and seedless Berberis Vulgaris fruit in bulk.

For advice, purchase, or export of organic barberry, you can contact the consultants of the Artin collection.
We hope that with your help, Iranian organic barberry will be introduced and offered to the whole world.

Exporting Iranian Dried Barberries to Japan

Iran’s organic barberry exports to this country are increasing every year and trade in this product can be very profitable.
Iranian puffy barberry is more common for export to Japan, and due to the distance between Iran and Japan, two ways are available and suitable to send goods.

  • The first way to send barberry is to use special fabric packages and then placing these fabric bags inside cartons. Then you should use a reefer container for high quantities.
  • But the second method that is more common for low volumes is air delivery of the product. Airfreight is not that affordable but it’s really faster than shipping through the sea.

In hot seasons, reefer containers should be in use for the transportation of barberry because this product is sensitive to parameters of temperature and humidity.

If left in an environment with high temperature or high humidity for a long time, it will quickly change color, state, and appearance, and the possibility of pests increases.

The equilibrium temperature for barberry cold storage is usually between +4 and +10 Celsius degrees. This temperature ensures you receive your product with no change in quality and appearance.

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