Organic Barberry Wholesale | Major Export Import

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Organic Barberry Wholesale

Organic Barberry Wholesale | Major Export Import

Iran is the main center for Organic Barberry Wholesale. Major Export / Import of Organic Barberry relates to Iranian Red-Seedless Persian Zereshk.

Most of Iranian Organic barberry produces in Qa’en City of Iran, and the price is between 10 to 20 percent higher than regular varieties. Artin Company in Gha’en and Birjand produces and exports this product with the necessary certificates.

Of course, there has not been much activity in the field of organic barberry production in Iran.
In fact, the major export markets are more receptive to the Iranian organic product than its domestic market.
The production of real organic barberry requires a review of the state of production of crops and orchard trees over the past ten years.

On the other hand, the major export of organic barberry, whether from Qa’en or other producing cities, depends on the buyer:

  • The main condition for buying of this product may be the international certificate of organic production.
  • The condition that the products are organic may be the result of testing for the remaining toxins.

Of course, if the sensitivity to buying a completely organic product is high, the best solution is to set both options.

Until 2020, no barberry orchard in Iran has been reported with a valid international certificate of organic barberry production.

Given the above issue and the fact that no special action has yet been taken to obtain organic barberry certificates from international institutions, in the field of export of this product, the current criterion is only the results of the remaining toxins.

Organic Barberry Wholesale Based on Test Results

Organic Barberry Wholesale

If you are planning to export/import bulk organic barberry, Test result is necessary to you.
Of course, the most accurate method is also the test results for Organic Barberry Wholesale Markets.

However, many buyers, especially chain stores offering organic products, need an international organic certification inserted on the packaging.

The correct way to buy an organic product is as follows:

  1. Product sampling before processing and sorting:
    It is necessary to first sample the purchased product before performing the sorting procedure.
    The results of the initial test performed on this sample show whether the product is organic or not.
  2. Complete control on sorting and packaging process:
    The presence of pesticides and toxins in product processing devices can affect the test results.
    On the other hand, it is not possible to open all the packages for the final test, so it is necessary to test before processing.
    The controlled processing step avoids many of the future costs associated with load return.
  3. Final barberry product test after product preparation for loading before shipping:
    The test performing at this stage is only to reassure the buyer and final control before shipment.

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Organic Barberry Export / Import

Organic Barberry Wholesale

The major export process of organic barberry is completely in accordance with the export procedures of the normal product.
In fact, the same customs and administrative procedures must follow for the export of organic and regular barberry.
But don’t forget that your product will be affected by the environment if it is packaged in bulk.
For organic barberry wholesale, right packing is really important.

In carrying out barberry export affairs, it is necessary to receive a confirmation letter from Jihade-Agriculture of Iran regarding the productivity of the crop.

In fact, given that Iran also produces wild barberry varieties, and organic barberry production rangelands should be under the supervision of the Iranian Natural Resources Organization, it should be confirmed that your crop is harvested from orchards and does not belong to government rangelands.

Many countries also need health certificates to clear barberry from the customs.
The health certificate is issued by the Food and Drug Administration and is taken from a physical, chemical and heavy metal test product.
The moisture content of barberry should not be higher than the standard.
If the above tests do not show a problem with the export shipment, the relevant certificate will be issued.

If your product is organic barberry, you should not worry about the issuance of a health certificate and the results of those tests, because the parameters observed in the production of organic barberry are much stricter than the parameters required for the issuance of a health certificate.

Artin’s Persian website can help you to know more about domestic market for organic barberry wholesale:

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