Organic Wild Barberries | Epine Vinette Wholesale

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Organic Wild Barberries | Epine Vinette Wholesale

Organic Wild Barberries | Epine Vinette Wholesale

Organic wild barberries are Iranian edible red Berberis Vulgaris fruits (have tart taste). Some know it as Epine Vinette in wholesale markets.

Organic wild barberries have many exports from Iran to various countries, including Germany and France.
The South Khorasan province is the main center and cradle of Iranian barberry production in the east of the country.

Protecting and maintaining orchards is very difficult and costly due to the prevalence of fertilizers and pesticides.
But in South Khorasan province, there are still farmers and producers who are ready to market their products in a completely healthy way.

Different countries buy Iranian organic wild barberries, most of which are in Europe.
In the following, we will talk about organic barberry (or Epine Vinette) and its price in the Iranian market and abroad.

Organic Barberry Production Center in Iran

Organic Barberry Production Center in IranBarberry (or Zereshk) is one of the products that is well known in world markets along with saffron.
The volume of barberry exports from Iran has grown tremendously since the 2010s, and this has led to an increase in the area under barberry cultivation.

Various farmers in South Khorasan Province are active in the field of barberry cultivation and production.
However, due to the existence of wheat and barley fields and farms in many areas, barberry trees are suffering from some special pests.
The main problem is barberry rust. it transmits from these farms to barberry orchards.

But there are still healthy areas in some villages of South Khorasan province.
All barberry products are free of pesticides and toxins.
The highest area under healthy and organic wild barberries cultivation is in the central regions of the South Khorasan province.

And manufacturing companies active in the field of export are also active in these areas.
In fact, the main center of production, sale, and export of healthy and organic barberry is in South Khorasan province.

Some Key Point About Organic Wild Barberries:

in this article, when we write wild barberry, it means the red and seedless Iranian barberry.
In fact, all the world markets know the Iranian barberry as a red and seedless variety of Berberis Vulgaris.

But there is a point:

We have two varieties of Iranian barberry available in Iran:

  • Red Barberry
  • Black Barberry

Some of the native people in Iran, know the black barberry and call it wild barberry because they harvest in it from the trees on some mountains and there is no special orchards and farms for growing this variety.
But it’s something common in Iran not in the world.

Most of the world markets know the Iranian barberry as the red variety that has no seed inside its fruit.

Organic Barberry Manufacturer | Purchasing in Bulk

Organic Barberry Manufacturer | Purchasing in BulkMany companies active in the field of organic barberry production, market their products on a contract basis.
However, due to the increase in capacity, some of these companies still have empty capacity.

In fact, at the beginning of the season, depending on the harvest, it is determined how much organic barberry can be marketed outside of long-term contracts.
This amount is different for each company depending on the weather conditions as well as the increase in the area under barberry cultivation.

One of the companies producing and exporting organic wild barberry (Epine Vinette) in Khorasan is the Artin barberry production company.
In this company, all kinds of organic and healthy barberry are available for the international markets.
The main target market is the sale of more organic barberry in European countries.

Countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain are the main buyers of Iranian organic barberry.
These products are often available in the market through organic supply chain stores.

If you want to buy in bulk and export organic barberry, you can contact the Artin Barberry sales department.
Our partners are ready to provide you with the necessary information about Iranian Zereshk and its import/export.

Organic Wild Barberries Price and Purchase

Organic Wild Barberries Price and PurchaseThe price of barberry in the wholesale market depends on various parameters.
In non-organic products, quality parameters are more important.
In other words, the color of the product, the amount of puffiness and the puffy shape, the percentage of moisture, and etc. are the main factors affecting the price of barberry.

But in organic products, attention is drawn from the appearance parameters to the laboratory parameters, especially the toxins.
In fact, health testing and analysis of these products are of great importance to buyers and consumers.

Due to storage costs, processing conditions, and product delivery, organic barberry production is usually more expensive for the producer.
This causes the supply price of this product to be higher than similar products.

On the other hand, the supply and demand in the market also affect the price of organic barberry.

In this regard, to receive the price of organic barberry for export/import, you can contact our colleagues in the Artin barberry sales department right now.

Artin Barberries Purchasing:

Obviously, the procedure for your purchase is completely usual and there are no special differences. But the Artin company has a new service for its buyers:

  • You can pay the money by Bitcoin and so many other Cryptocurrencies: Doge, Cardano (ADA), Coti, Shiba Inu (SHIB), etc.

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