Peeled Pistachios for Iraq | Pistachio Kernels for Confectioneries

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Peeled Pistachios for Iraq

Peeled Pistachios for Iraq | Pistachio Kernels for Confectioneries

The Artin pistachio company exports peeled pistachios for Iraq. The Iraqi customers use pistachio kernels for confectioneries and ice-cream.

Green peeled pistachio kernels are one of the most popular products in Iraq.
The export of this product at a reasonable price in the Iraqi market has a significant sales volume.
The main wholesale and production center of these pistachio kernels is the Khorasan province of Iran.

Because the product is very reasonable in terms of price, it has a lot of fans in different markets. Using peeled pistachios for confectioneries in Iraq is really common.

Khorasan Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Peeled Pistachio Kernels

The pistachio kernel market in Iraq is very competitive in price and high in volume.
This product has many buyers both in the Kurdish parts and in the southern parts of Iraq.

Pistachio kernels are in use in Iraq for various purposes.
One of the products that have many buyers in this market is green pistachio kernels.
Peeled green pistachio kernels are more popular with Iraqi traders and buyers because of their good color.

To produce this product at a reasonable price, you must use products whose initial price is low.
Pistachio kernels of Khorasan Razavi province, which are green, are one of the best options to produce these pistachio kernels at competitive prices.

These products do not look good, but inside they are completely green and colorful.
By peeling these products, suitable pistachios with good color and good appearance are ready to export to Iraq.
This pistachio kernel has many buyers in the Iraqi and Pakistani markets due to its reasonable price.

The best option to buy this product is kernel-producing companies in Khorasan Razavi province, which also have the ability to peel.
In other words, factories and workshops that perform all the steps of cracking, peeling and laser sorting are a good option to buy this product.

Artin Green Pistachios Wholesale

Green Pistachios Wholesale

One of the activists in the field of production and sale of pistachio kernels in Khorasan Razavi province is the Artin pistachio company.
In this company, all the processes of cracking, manual and laser sorting, as well as pistachio kernel peeling are performed.

The Artin green and peeled pistachio kernels besides pistachio granules are in use for various confectioneries and ice cream makers all around the world including Iraq and Russia.

In this collection, pistachio kernels of different qualities are available for supply in export and domestic markets.
You can buy Artin peeled pistachios for Iraq.
This product is available in different qualities for supply in international markets.

The most important markets for peeled pistachio kernels are as follows:

  • China
  • Germany
  • Iraq
  • Italy
  • Japan

Of course, for each of these markets, different grades are of interest with different qualities.
If you know the type of pistachio kernel you want, ask our sales associates for the daily price and delivery terms of the product.
If you do not know much about this, be sure to use the free consultation of the sales and business department of the Artin collection.
All you have to do is fill out the forms on the website so that our colleagues can contact you.
In the Artin production company, pistachio kernels are in different packages in the market:

50 kg sack – 10 or 12.5 kg carton – 10 or 12.5 kg vacuum carton
The packaging costs of each of these methods are different.

For information on the daily price of these products and their packaging, contact the sales department.

Exporting Green Pistachio Kernels to Iraq

Green Pistachio Kernels to Iraq

As mentioned in the previous sections, peeled green pistachio kernels are also using for export to Iraq.
This product is in the category of luxury and first-class pistachio kernels for Iraq.

The sales volume of this product along with the kernels of purple skin pistachios and Iranian pistachios in the markets of Kurdistan and Erbil is acceptable.

The suitable and more common packaging for export to Iraq is usually 10 kg cartons.
About the delivery route, it is through the western borders of Iran, especially the borders of Tamerchin, Parviz Khan, and Bashmaq.

The most important point in sending pistachio kernels from Iran to Iraq is the volume of the order.
If the order volume is high, the costs will be lower and the cartons will reach the buyer without any damage.

But when the purchase volume is low, the product must be sent through Iran-Iraq carriers, where the cartons are moved several times.
For this reason, there is a possibility of damage to cartons as well as products.

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