Pistachio Chops Wholesale for Import | Artin Pistachios

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Pistachio Chops Wholesale

Pistachio Chops Wholesale for Import | Artin Pistachios

Pistachio Chops Wholesale Center is in Iran that produces green pistachios for export. You can import Artin green pistachio chops directly.

The best pistachio kernels and chops are mostly in use in the production of sweets and ice cream.
In fact, suppliers of Iranian pistachio kernels that import these products for confectioneries have a perfect pistachio chops wholesale market in their country.

The bulk purchase of granulated and chopped pistachio kernels is done in vacuum packages in the Artin company.
This type of pistachio kernel is of interest to many production workshops due to its reasonable price and quality.

Due to the staggering growth of pistachio prices in recent years, production units are looking for more affordable products.
In the following, we will provide you with more information about the 4 categories of Artin pistachio chops.

Pistachio Chops for Ice Cream and Sweets

Pistachio Chops

One of the raw materials using in the production of sweets and ice cream is pistachio kernel.
Given that pistachio kernels have a great variety of products, most confectionery factories are looking for products that meet their needs.

Because many pistachio kernels are using as nuts and their use in ice cream and sweets is not economical and affordable.
In this regard, some types of pistachio kernels are for use in sweets and other foods.

One of the best options for this is pistachio granules and slivers.
These products are available in pistachio cracking workshops and factories or pistachio kernel factories.

One of the companies active in the field of production and sale of low price pistachio kernels is in Khorasan Razavi province.
The Artin pistachio kernel manufacturer is well known in the market for preparing and processing pistachio kernels (Chops and slivers).
In this company, various processes take place on pistachio kernels, which you can read about them in the following.

How to Produce High-Quality Chopped Pistachios?

High-Quality Chopped Pistachios

To produce low price pistachio kernels, closed-mouth pistachios are usually in use.
When the producer is cracking the pistachio shells, the machine error causes some pistachio kernels to break, which must be removed from the main load.

This separation is usually what a sieve does.
The innovation of the Artin company in the production of chops is that the chops are available in different categories according to their size.

In fact, after separating these pistachio chops from the main pistachio kernels, another sieve will sort them by size. And the output product comes out of the machine in 4 different sizes.

The uniformity of pistachio kernels is very important for confectionery and ice cream producers.
In this regard, the Artin Pistachio Kernel Company has the same size and uniform size of pistachio granules.

We have a double check in the sorting procedure to have the least amount of materials and waste among the main load.
This is important because the hard skin of the pistachio with the final product (pastry or ice cream or…) may enter the mouth of the consumer.

There is a possibility of damage to the mouth, jaw, teeth, and even the respiratory tract.
In this regard, at first, a laser sorting machine sorts all the pistachios (some kind of a color sorting machine).
There is a hand selection for removing all wastes and foreign materials at the last step before packaging.

After that, the product is ready for packaging.
At Artin Company, pistachio kernels are in cartons.
The net weight of the pistachio kernel in each package is 10 kg.

Pistachio Chops Wholesale Center

Pistachio Chops Wholesale Center

The best pistachio chops are products that have the following characteristics:

  • Uniformity of size and shape
  • Fresh and colorful
  • Free of any foreign matter including skin
  • Suitable packaging
  • Green Color

By considering all these cases, the best pistachio kernels can be identified.

The Artin pistachio kernel company specializes in the production of different varieties of pistachio kernels in the Khorasan Razavi province of Iran.

Which distributes these products not only in the domestic market of Iran but also in other countries.
If you need to buy these products in bulk, you can contact the Artin Pistachio Kernel Sales Unit.

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