Pistachio Export Company in Mashhad, Iran

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Pistachio Export Company in Mashhad, Iran

Are you searching for a pistachio export company in Iran? The Artin company is a producer of pistachios in Mashhad that exports pistachios.

Artin Pistachio Export Company is one of the exporters of pistachio nuts and kernels from various customs, especially Mashhad, Tehran, and Bandar Abbas.
This company has the experience of the export of Iranian pistachio products to more than 25 countries including:

China, India, UAE, Kuwait, Ukraine, Iraq, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, and South Africa

Certainly, in recent years, with the sharp decrease in rainfall in the Kerman province of Iran and the increase in the production of pistachios and their products in Khorasan province, we have witnessed the growth of pistachio exports from Mashhad by air, rail and land customs.

Due to the railway lines from Mashhad to different cities in Central Asian countries, one of the main offices of Artin Company’s manufacturing and trading factories is in Mashhad, which is ready to provide permanent services in the field of exporting this product.

In fact, we can briefly say that the Artin company is a pistachio export company that can deliver most of the pistachio products to your country and market for you.

Artin Pistachio Export Experiences

The statistics of countries that have been exporting Artin pistachios from Khorasan (Mashhad) and Kerman province are very high, but by the end of 2020, the products of this collection have been sent to 25 countries in a high volume.

Due to the expansion of the company’s activities in Khorasan province, the next perspective of exports in the next 2 years to 2023 is the increase of these countries to 35 countries. In this regard will soon see the opening of offices and agencies of Artin pistachios and nuts in different countries We will be.

The main destinations for Artin pistachio exports until 2021 were Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, and Australia, respectively. However, the amount of exports to these countries from Mashhad customs in different months of the year is different. In fact, it is dependent on market conditions in the destination country.

Artin Pistachios Variety and Export Services

Artin products are divided into two main categories:

  1. Barberry and jujube (strategic products of South Khorasan province)
  2. And also pistachios and products of this product (strategic production of Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan)

In this article, the necessary information about the export of pistachio nuts and kernels and other products is available to you.
As you know, pistachios and their products are very diverse.
For example, we can mention the following pistachios.

  1. Kalleghouchi Pistachio (Jumbo)
  2. Akbari Pistachio (Super Long)
  3. Ahmad Aghaei (Long)
  4. Fandoghi pistachio (Round)

Another pistachio product is pistachio kernel, which itself has a great variety.

  • At first, the most common pistachio kernels are the purple skin kernels
  • Then, green pistachio kernels are available in most markets
  • Also, peeled pistachio kernels are available in Artin company but this product is almost a luxury kernel
  • Pistachio granules are mostly in use for the production of pastries and ice cream.
  • And finally, Wild pistachio kernel is a product with perfect green color and good taste and smell

Pistachio products are not summarized in pistachio kernels. The following products are also important pistachio products.

  • Firstly, pistachio strips and slivers
  • Secondly, pistachio powder
  • Pistachio slices
  • Also, pistachio butter

Purchasing Artin Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Artin pistachio export company is one of the companies that operate in the field of processing, sale, and export of pistachios and all kinds of its products.
In this company, various activities are performed to facilitate the work of merchants.

  1. Pistachio processing to customers’ liking
  2. Roast and even the packaging with customers brands
  3. Doing formalities and receiving health standards and certificates
  4. Carrying out customs affairs in Iran
  5. Transportation to the destination country

Due to its structure and online sales, this collection tries to reduce side costs.
In fact, you can get the pistachio or pistachio product you want at the lowest price.

For consultation, export, import, or purchase of various products of the Artin company, you can contact the consultants of the collection.

Prices of Pistachios for Export/Import

As you know, the price of pistachio nuts and kernels depends on several factors.
Factors such as the type of pistachio, the size of the pistachio, and the packaging affect the final price of the pistachio product.

You can get the price of your desired product by sharing the following information with the sales unit.

The type of pistachio or pistachio kernel desired, Package type, Purchase volume, Destination country (for export)

Of course, there is an important point to note here.
The price of pistachio and its products is dependent on the exchange rate of USD to IRR due to the high volume of exports.
Due to the fluctuations of this exchange rate, the price of pistachios also fluctuates a lot.
For this reason, you can ask the consultants of the Artin collection for the current price of pistachios.
You can also contact these consultants to buy or export pistachios and their products.

In the end, you can visit the Persian website of this company, which fully introduces the company and products. The link to this website is below for you.

The Artin Company’s Persian Website.

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