Pistachio Exporter to Hong Kong | In-Shell and Without Shell pistachios

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Pistachio Exporter to Hong Kong | In-Shell and Without Shell pistachios

Are you searching for a pistachio exporter to Hong kong? HK is an important market for Iranian In-Shell and Without Shell pistachios.

Open-Mouth pistachios and pistachio kernels of Iran with the lowest possible price are in use for export to Hong Kong.
By the way, most of the purchases of HK are for bulk products. In fact, Hong Kong is a supplier for other countries.

Both In-Shell and Without Shell pistachios are in demand in Hong Kong. Also, there are different varieties of each one, available for all markets.
By the way, it’d be better to know that most of the time, each producer has a specific product. In fact, there are two main suppliers for pistachios in Iran:

  1. Producers of pistachios (Who produce products and exports as well)
  2. Exporters of pistachios (Who buy from producers and exports products)

Every year, large quantities of Iranian pistachios are in use for export to the world’s commercial markets, including the UAE and Hong Kong.

Iranian Pistachio & Hong Kong

All of you are aware of the fact that Iranian pistachios have many uses in different countries. Therefore different countries are importers of Iranian pistachios. One of these countries is Hong Kong.

Hong Kong buys Iranian pistachios (mostly in bulk). Then sends them to their own country, processes and packages them at very low costs, and sells them again to the countries that buy pistachios.

There are even many investment opportunities for HK. By the way, we see many Chinese came to Iran and buy fresh pistachios. Then they process fresh pistachios to produce their required quality and quantity at the lowest possible price.

In the following sections, we will explain more about exports to Hong Kong, especially issues such as direct purchases from producers and the price of pistachios.

Here, it’s time to tell you that:

If you are searching for a pistachio exporter to Hong Kong that can supply your rquirements, you should first search for a producer who is exporter as well.
It means a producer that is the owner of its products who has the ability to export pistachios as well.
Export services needs licenses besides experience.

Pistachios Sales at Affordable Price

There are many farmers, workshops, and factories in the pistachio-producing provinces.
But one of the most important parameters for buying Iranian export-quality pistachios is its price.
The price of pistachios is different for different countries, but a country like Hong Kong, because of its competitive price, purchases pistachios that have a lower price.

Now the question is how to prepare pistachios for export at the best price.
Buying pistachios at the best price has two main methods that are as below.

  1. Buy pistachios from producers
  2. Buy pistachios online and non-in-person

We all know that buying from manufacturers reduces the cost of products. Communicating with major producers due to having a direct relationship with farmers can make the purchase at the best price for you.

But on the other hand, their offline shopping also reduces prices. This is because your side costs are greatly reduced for traders and sellers.
In the next section, we have more details about buying online from manufacturers.

Online Purchase from Pistachio Exporter to Hong Kong

The price of pistachios, as mentioned, is one of the most important factors for traders and consumers.
The question is what factors affect the price of pistachios.
Below are some of the most important parameters in determining the price of pistachios.

  • Type
  • Size
  • Kernel color
  • Package type
  • Quality Parameters

Of course, we must mention an important point here. The price of Iranian pistachios is highly dependent on the exchange rate of USD to IRR due to its high exports/imports.
For this reason, due to the fluctuations in this exchange rate, the price of pistachios also fluctuates a lot.
For this reason, we recommend having the daily price of your desired product in hand.

Artin company is a collection in the field of sale and export of pistachios.
Due to its internet structure and 7-year history, this collection has the ability to create many advantages for merchants, including reducing the cost of products.

On the other hand, buying from this company is very convenient and fast.
In fact, you and businessmen can contact the main manufacturers with a simple contact with the consultants of Artin company.

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