Pistachio for Baklava | Green Pistachio Kernels Major Sales

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Pistachio for Baklava | Green Pistachio Kernels Major Sales

Pistachio for Baklava | Green Pistachio Kernels Major Sales

Pistachio for Baklava is mostly in use in Iran and Turkey. In fact, the major sales of green pistachio kernels for Baklava is an old business.

If you are willing to buy pistachio kernels for wholesale and any business in the market of Baklava producers, you need to supply and provide really green pistachio kernels not only for Baklava but also for other sweets.

There are various producers and markets that provide and supply pistachios for confectionaries.
We must first examine to find out which pistachio kernels are suitable for baklava production.
In this article, we will introduce the pistachio kernels of the Artin pistachio company.

Then we introduce the suitable cases for the production of Baklava, Lokum, Nougat, and various sweets.

Pistachio Kernels for Cakes and Pastries

Pistachio Kernels for Cakes and Pastries

As you are aware, pistachio kernels are very diverse.
Some pistachio kernels in the domestic market of Iran are not using at all and are only for export.
On the other hand, some products are only suitable for the domestic market in Iran.
Therefore, choosing the right pistachio kernel to produce other products or sell it is very important.

The most important and main parameters for choosing a pistachio kernel not only for Baklava but also for all kinds of sweets and cakes are as follows:

  • The Green Color of the kernels
  • Taste and Freshness
  • No lesions in the nuts and no foreign materials (including pistachio skin, pebbles, etc.)
  • Uniformity of shape
  • Uniformity of size (this mostly applies to confectioners who use screening machines)

The above features have reached us from customer feedback and production units.
In the meantime, considering these features, we must say that the following pistachio kernels are suitable for confectionaries.
Of course, each case has a specific usage and consumption.

1. “KUL” or Green pistachio kernels

2. Halved and Crushed Pistachio Kernels

3. Pistachio Granules

4. Close-Mouth Pistachio Kernels

5. Wild pistachio kernels

For example, for Sohan, it is better to use forest/wild pistachio kernels. And this is also true for using pistachio kernels in Baklava.
Because it makes the taste of sweets very delicious and customer-friendly. By the way, the green color of wild pistachio kernels is awesome.

Nougat producers are often looking for green pistachio kernels and the best option is granulated pistachio kernels for them.
In the following, we will examine the pistachio kernel for Baklava in more detail.

Purchasing Pistachio Kernel for Baklava

Purchasing Pistachio Kernel for Baklava

Baklava is available in different varieties in different cities of most cities of the world.
In low-volume or traditional workshops, pistachio kernels are more common and more in use.

Some Baklava producers also prefer to buy whole-shape pistachio kernels and try to granule them themselves.
Once again, we remind you that pistachio kernels wholesale and in fact, major sales and supply for Baklava producers refer to wild pistachio kernels.

But to resolve this dispute in purchasing: The Artin pistachio company decided to produce pistachio granules in 3 specific sizes.
So we have 3 different sizes of pistachio granules available throughout the year for various consumption.

Since there is usually a hard pistachio shell, the following sorting procedures are necessary to avoid any foreign materials and shells in the product:

  1. At first, Laser sort of pistachio kernels (Using color sort machinery).
  2. And secondly, Manual sort by manpower on the conveyor

With this method, the percentage of foreign materials such as shells and wood is less than 0.5%.
This solves one of the main concerns of confectioners.

The Artin company is a major supplier of pistachio kernel for the producers of Baklava.
The main producers of baklava and sweets in Tabriz (Iran) have welcomed these products very well.
By the way, if you want to import this product, our common export packages for us is 10Kg vacuum packages.

How much is the Price of Pistachios for Baklava

How much is the Price of Pistachios for Baklava

The price of these products is directly related to the current market price of the whole-shape pistachio kernels.
Since pistachios and their products are export-oriented products, there is a large relationship between the price of these products and their demand in global markets.
On the other hand, the exchange rate of USD and Euro to IRR directly affects the price of this product.

For this reason, you can contact the sales department of the Artin Co. directly to receive the following items:

  • Product photos and images
  • Up-to-date prices
  • Sample request
  • Also, Registering orders

There are several ways to communicate on this website.
The easiest way is to fill out the forms on the website. Our partners will contact you as soon as possible.
Also, you can use the following ways to communicate faster.

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