Pistachio Kernel Exporter to India | Iranian Pistachios

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Pistachio Kernel Exporter to India | Iranian Pistachios

Pistachio Kernel Exporter to India | Iranian Pistachios

Are you searching for a pistachio kernel exporter to India? Iranian pistachios have good markets and wholesale centers in Indian cities.

The largest exporters of Iranian pistachio kernels to India are in Iran (Kerman and Khorasan provinces).
These regions are the main centers of supply for pistachios in the Indian market.

India is one of the countries that meets most of its needs for nuts such as pistachios, sometimes almonds, and pistachio kernels from Iran.
At present, with the improvement of conditions, several exporters in Iran have direct exports to India.
Among them, a small number, including the Artin dried fruit factories, have been able to increase their exports permanently and in high volume, because most of the purchases in the Indian market are seasonal and in low volume.
In fact, The Artin company is a pistachio kernel exporter to India that you can make easy contact with it by clicking on the image below (When you are on the website with your mobile phone) and message on WhatsApp.

Best Iranian Purple Skin Pistachios

Best Iranian Purple Skin Pistachios

There are different types of Iranian pistachio kernels.
We can name the highest quality and best Iranian pistachio kernels as Purple-skin pistachio kernels, which have their own uses.

This pistachio kernel is in use to decorate sweets and ice creams. By the way, whole-shape pistachio kernels are common to use as nuts.
A very large volume of this product is for exporting from Iran to different countries.

The best purple-skin pistachio kernels are Qazvin pistachio kernels that you can find in Iran. This kind of kernel has purple skin and green inside that which means: These kernels have many uses because they can be used both in pastries and ice-creams because of their inside green color and in nuts and snacks because of their outside purple color.

The best purple-skin pistachio kernels in Iran can also be found in a city called Buin Zahra, which has extraordinary quality.
There is nothing left to say about the quality of Buin Zahra pistachio kernels.
But it must be said that its price is slightly higher than pistachio kernels in other cities.

Of course, pistachio kernels are also available in Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces.
But most of the purple skin pistachio kernels are available in Qazvin province, where the quality of the pistachio kernels in Buin Zahra is exemplary.

A large volume of this type of pistachio kernel is for export.
In the following sections, we will mention the export/import of this product. Especially the varieties of pistachio kernel that any exporter tries to send to India.

Bulk Pistachio Kernel Wholesale

Bulk Pistachio Kernel Wholesale

Wholesale and packaging of pistachio kernels are the important points in exporting to any country.
For pistachio kernel, cartons or small and stylish packages are often in use. Especially when the target market for the exporter is in India.

Packages are according to the needs of customers in the target country and their purchasing power.
For this reason, in order to export to any country, we must pay special attention to its packaging.
For more information or advice and the purchase of pistachio kernels, you can contact the sales and export consultants of the Artin pistachio company.

Artin Co. – The Pistachio Kernel Exporter to India

Artin Co. - The Pistachio Kernel Exporter to India

Various companies are active in the sale and export of pistachio kernels.
The Artin Dried Fruit and Nuts Company also sells and exports pistachio kernels directly from Iran.

Due to the various relationships of this company with pistachio kernel producers, you can buy pistachio kernels at the best price in the market.
On the other hand, this company will provide you with the highest quality pistachio kernels.
In general, not only you do buy the best pistachios at the best price, but you can also get the pistachios you want with the best quality.

For advice on, purchase, and export, or in fact, the import of pistachio kernels to your country, you can contact the sales and export consultants of Artin Company. One of the easiest ways is to message us on WhatsApp directly:

If you are on our website with your mobile, click the image below to message us:

Or you can save this contact No. for direct contact:

Contact Person: Hadi Ghoreishi
Mobile No.: +989153627103
The Artin Company Export Manager

How to send and deliver pistachio kernels in Indian ports

How to send and deliver pistachio kernels in Indian ports

In the previous sections, you can read about pistachio kernels and their varieties for export not only to India but also to many other countries.
Now the question is how to send these products from Iran to India.
Pistachio kernels exported to India are mostly shipped by sea.

After the pistachio kernels are ready, the pistachio kernel exporters take them to Bandar Abbas and send them to India.
Shipments are received in India and in the port of Nhava-Sheva.

Upon receipt in this port, pistachio kernels are spread and sent all over India and cities like Delhi.
You can contact the sales and export consultants of Artin Group for more tips or buying different types of pistachio kernels.

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