Pistachio Kernels Factory | Iranian Pistachios Major Supplier

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Pistachio Kernels Factory

Pistachio Kernels Factory | Iranian Pistachios Major Supplier

Are you searching for an Iranian pistachios major supplier and manufacturer? check the Artin pistachio kernels factory website to find one.

Iranian pistachio kernels in large volumes are mainly producing in cracking factories and also recording terminals.
First-class pistachio kernels and low-price kernels are mainly marketing through these units.
In addition to the domestic market, the sales volume of these products is high in international markets.

In fact, all the buyers know that if they want to achieve lower prices, they need to make direct contact with a pistachio kernels factory.

Pistachio Factory and Recording Terminal

Pistachio Factory and Terminal

Pistachio recording terminals start operating on fresh pistachios during the harvest season.
After harvesting pistachios, various operations are performing in these collections.

Peeling, machine drying, and drying under sunlight are the main stages and important activities of pistachio recording terminals.
After the pistachio dries, other processes perform on it to prepare the products for the market.

One of the steps after drying the product is to separate the close-mouth pistachios from the open-mouth pistachios.
This is doing by the machine and reduces the percentage of close-mouth pistachios in the cargo to less than 5%.

Now, in the same pistachio recording terminals or factories active in this field, lightweight pistachios with low kernels and close-mouth pistachios are using to produce various types of pistachio kernels.

In the following, we will explain these types of pistachio kernels. Also, you can know more about a pistachio kernels factory’s processes and products.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Pistachio Kernels in Khorasan

Supplier of Pistachio Kernels in Khorasan

Khorasan Razavi in ​​the past few years, with pistachio orchards reaching the peak of fruiting, has become one of the main centers of pistachio production and pistachio kernels in Iran.

In this province, Fandoghi (Round) and Badami (Long) pistachios and Koleghoochi are mainly producing in different cities.
The cities of Feyzabad, Bardaskan, Sabzevar, and Neishabour are very active in this field.

Artin pistachio company is also known in this province as one of the sales and export units of pistachio kernels.
In this company, high quality and first-grade pistachio kernels are producing along with second grade and low-price pistachio kernels.

In export, many countries also buy special pistachio kernels, such as peeled or aflatoxin-free green pistachio kernels.
While some other countries register their orders for second-grade and low-price products.

To get acquainted with the types of pistachio kernels producing in the Artin pistachio kernels factory, you can follow the official page of this collection on Instagram and other social networks:

In this collection, all kinds of pistachio kernels for export are producing and selling in bulk.
Before registering your order, be sure to contact the sales managers and receive the daily price of the products.

High-Quality Pistachio Kernels Export

Pistachio Kernels Export

First-class and high-quality pistachio kernels producing in factories active in the field of pistachio cracking are:

  1. Green pistachio kernels
  2. Close-Mouth pistachio kernels
  3. Purple-Skin pistachio kernels
  4. Finally, Peeled green pistachio kernels

Each of these products produces from different types of pistachios and sells in the market.
The choice of this type of product is according to the needs of customers in the target country’s markets.
Also, Carton packaging is often using for first-class export-quality pistachios.
These products in the Artin company often weigh 10 or 12.5 kg in cartons.

For some special products or according to the customer’s order, the product will be vacuumed before being placed in the carton.
Buyers of first-class Iranian pistachio kernels are mostly from European countries and some Arab countries.

Of course, each of them buys a specific type of these products in bulk.

Low-Price Pistachios Kernels

Low-Price Pistachios Kernels

Low-price pistachio kernels have many buyers both in the domestic market and in global markets.
Most workshops of pastries and also many confectioneries use these products. The most important of which are as follows (Main Consumptions):

  • Ice-cream
  • Cakes and sweets
  • Baklava
  • Lokum
  • Cooking
  • Chocolate
  • Also, Pastries and Bakery

Various countries, including Pakistan, Syria, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine, are buyers of cheaper pistachio kernels.

The most important and well-known types of cheaper pistachio kernels are:

  • Halved Pistachio Kernels
  • Granulated Pistachio Kernels
  • Wheaty-shape Pistachio Kernels
  • Also, Pistachio Powder

These types are often using as raw materials in whole-shape, broken, or powdered form.

In some years, due to climatic conditions, the amount of empty and lightweight pistachios in orchards increases.
During these years, the volume of second-grade pistachio kernel production increases and they are available at competitive prices.
Click on the link below to receive advice and receive the daily price of the products.

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