Pistachio Kernels for Ice-Cream | Artin Green Pistachios

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Pistachio Kernels for Ice-Cream

Pistachio Kernels for Ice-Cream | Artin Green Pistachios

Pistachio Kernels for Ice-Cream have various varieties. In fact, The pistachios using for Ice-Cream should be Green like Artin Iranian pistachios.

One of the uses of green pistachio kernels is for ice-cream and sweets (pastries, confectioneries, and chocolates).
The Artin pistachio company in Iran produces and manufactures low-price pistachio kernels and granules for producers of ice-cream and chocolates.

The Artin company exports its products to other countries such as Germany, Iraq, Emirate, India, Russia, Ukraine, China, Spain, and Qatar.
In the Artin production company, pistachio kernels are available in different qualities in bulk.

Granulated Pistachio Kernels for Ice-Cream

Pistachio Kernels for Ice-Cream

Ice cream and confectionery units use cheap and low price pistachio kernels in most of the countries.
The main reason for this is that the cost of the final product does not change.

Since the prices of pistachios and products have gone up a lot, these production units are looking for cheaper products.
But there are many problems with cheap and low-price pistachio kernels.
Artin Production Company has done a lot of work in this field to solve these problems.
The section refers to some of these cases.

One of the problems with low-cost products is the inconsistency and difference in size. In fact, most of the low price pistachio kernels that are using for ice-cream, are not uniform in terms of size.
Because many pastries and ice cream makers put pistachio kernels in the machine, sometimes some pistachio kernels do not pass through the valve.

In this regard, Artin production company sorts all its products based on size.
In other words, all the products of the Artin company have certain sizes during the year and customers can count on it.

One of the main problems of low-price pistachio kernels is the presence of wastes and hard pistachio skin.
These increase the risk of damage to the end consumer’s mouth and teeth.
In this regard, in the Artin production company, they sort their products 2 times.

In the first part, the color sorting machine separates wastes and hard skins using a laser.
But at a later stage, the products are passed through the special conveyor and sorted and cleaned by manpower in another turn.

This method relieves the imagination of ice-cream and sweets production units.
In terms of taste, the products are approved and reviewed several times by quality supervisors.

Artin Green Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

Green Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

As in the previous section, pistachio granules are special products in the Artin company.
In this unit, pistachio granules are in 4 different sizes in the market.
These products are in bulk in terms of size throughout the year by Artin Company.

Green pistachio kernels are very important for ice cream and sweets.
Because as one of the main ingredients, it affects the quality and taste of the product.
For this reason, the taste and freshness parameter should be considered in purchasing these products.

Artin production unit tries to send products of the best quality and taste to customers.
In this regard, all products in carton packages are sending in vacuum packs.
With this type of packaging, the quality of the product remains unchanged for more than 6 months.

You can contact our colleagues in the sales department to receive photos of each low price pistachio kernels.
If you are on the website with your mobile phone, you can contact our colleague by clicking on the image below in WhatsApp.

Supplying Low Price Pistachio Kernels

Low Price Pistachio Kernels

To buy green pistachio kernels for pastries in bulk, we recommend you Artin pistachio granules.
In addition to being uniform and one size, these products are available in very good packages in the market.
All products are produced and packaged in a completely hygienic and clean condition by experienced personnel.

Artin low price pistachio kernels have their own buyers in different cities of Iran.
These products have the highest sales volume in the following countries:

  1. Turkey
  2. Iraq
  3. Russia
  4. China
  5. India
  6. Also Emirate
  7. And also, Germany

In most of these countries, there are active production units that use pistachio kernels in different types of sweets and ice cream.
If you need these products, in the first step, you can get pictures of each type of pistachio kernel in social networks from sales experts.
Then, if you need to test the products, submit your sample request.

After the final confirmation, your order will be sent as soon as possible by bus or truck.
Our colleagues in the Artin collection are ready to answer your requests.

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