Pistachio Kernels for Ice cream | Granule and Green

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Pistachio Kernels for Ice cream

Pistachio Kernels for Ice cream | Granule and Green

The best pistachio kernels for ice cream are the cheapest pistachio granules that are green. Iranian pistachio kernels’ factories can supply it.

Low price pistachio kernels sometimes use for producing chocolates and especially ice cream.
Also, Green pistachio kernels are using in the production of ice cream, pastries, Halva, and various sweets.

Artin production company is one of the producers of pistachio kernels. The factory of this company produces many types of pistachio kernel for ice-cream and pastries including pistachio granule and powder.

Pistachio Kernels for Ice Cream

Pistachio Kernels for Ice Cream

Obviously, different pistachio kernels are using to make ice cream.
Some of these pistachio kernels use inside ice cream and others use to decorate the ice cream.

Most ice cream parlors and factories use cheap and low price kernels.
The main reason for this is that the price of ice cream should not exceed a certain limit so that it does not face sales problems.

On the other hand, due to the high costs of all raw materials, from milk to starch and salep, this business might face problems.
The main raw materials in the production of traditional and modern ice cream are pistachio kernels, pistachio slices, or pistachio powder.

Various workshops attempting to crack pistachio kernels for sale in bulk are active in Khorasan and Kerman province.
Khorasan Razavi province, like Kerman, is known as one of the poles producing pistachios.

In this province, Badami, Fandoghi, Kalleghouchi, and Akbari pistachios are producing in high volumes.

Artin Low Price Pistachio Kernels for Ice Cream

Pistachio Kernels for Ice Cream

Artin company is one of the production units and supply centers of pistachio products for ice cream.
In this company, pistachio kernels are preparing for different uses. Uses such as ice cream, cakes and pastries, Sohan and Halva, and various sweets and chocolates.

After cracking the in-shell pistachios, the products sort by size in the initial stage.
This work, which is done by the devices and machinery, divides the input products into 4 different sizes, each of which enters the next steps from a device output.

After manual sieving and sorting of the products, the product inserts into the laser sorting machine (color sort) so that there is no hard shell of pistachios in the pistachio kernels.

One of the important parameters of pistachio kernels as the raw material of ice-cream and other products is the absence of foreign substances such as pistachio skin.

At this stage, using the 4-channel Color Sorting device, all the waste separates from the pistachio kernel.
Then, for reassurance and final control, all products pass through the test lines. On these lines, sort operations will perform manually by workers.

In the next step, all products enter the packaging section.
Some products are in 50 kg bags and most products are in vacuum cartons of 10 kg.

Note that low price pistachio kernels in the Artin company do not mean low qualities.

Low Price Pistachio Kernels Prices

Low Price Pistachio Kernels

As mentioned, in the Artin company, pistachio kernels suitable for ice cream are often offered to customers in 4 categories.
The supply of cheap pistachio kernels is one of the main programs of the Artin pistachio kernel sales center.

Most of the time of Artin factory devote to the production of pistachio kernels for supply in domestic and export markets.
Unfortunately, there are sharp price fluctuations in the Iranian market in some periods.

On the other hand, the current exchange rate of the currency, especially the dollar, will have a direct and great impact on determining the price of pistachios and pistachio kernels.

In this regard, it is not possible to insert daily prices on the website.
But there are many ways to get a quick and instant price for customers of the Artin company.
You can get the price of all ice cream pistachio kernel codes after contacting the Artin sales unit.

Also, if you need to receive pictures of all the low price pistachio kernels of Artin:

You can contact one of the sales experts of the Artin collection by clicking on the picture below.

You can also get the price of each product this way.

Buying Iranian Pistachio Kernels Online

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

With the rise of the Internet and social networks among the people, it is no longer necessary to travel long distances for bulk shopping.
Fortunately, many product portfolios make their products available to the public through online stores and social networks.

After receiving the price and pictures related to the types of different pistachio kernels suitable for ice cream, you can easily contact the sales unit to place your order.

First, a proforma invoice will provide to you according to the requested order.
At this time, After determining the payment method and accounting confirmation, the product will be sent to you in the shortest time.

Finally, For delivery, There are almost all 2020 incoterms are available.

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