Pistachio Kernels for Pastries and Ice-Cream

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Pistachio Kernels for Pastries

Pistachio Kernels for Pastries and Ice-Cream

Most buyers purchase pistachio kernels for pastries in bulk. Buying bulk green pistachios for ice-cream and chocolates is common as well.

When buying pistachio kernels in bulk, we must pay attention to various points to get the best product.
In this article, we review products that are suitable for use in sweets, pastries, chocolates, and ice cream.

One of the major uses of nuts such as pistachios is in the preparation of pastries and ice cream in the workshops of this product. Depending on its use in decoration or as a flavoring or to prepare natural colors of different shapes.

The most common of these products include slices, slivers, powder, or pistachio kernels in the whole shape.

Pistachio Kernels for Pastries

Pistachio Kernels for Pastries

In different pistachio producing companies, different production lines are active in the field of kernel production.
Pistachio kernels like in-shell pistachio or even more than that have a lot of varieties.

Some pistachio kernels have special uses and consumption.
Some types of pistachio kernels have a good export market. In fact, for some types, there is no special domestic market and consumption inside Iran.

For each of the occupations that use pistachio kernels, a specific type is more suitable.
In other words, the pistachio kernel must be economically justified in terms of quality and price for the product.

For the manufacturer of pastries and ice cream, low-price is one of the important parameters in their choice (at least, most of the time).
But the pistachio kernels for pastries must also have the necessary parameters and quality.
Because in case of lack of necessary quality or good taste, the quality of the final product will also reduce.

For confectionery and ice cream production factories and workshops, the following varieties are recommended by the Artin pistachio kernel production company:

  1. Halved and Crushed Pistachio Kernels
  2. Pistachio Granules
  3. Green pistachio kernels (peeled and not-peeled)
  4. Wild pistachio kernels

Of course, the last item is more expensive, but it is one of the excellent pistachio kernels in terms of taste and quality for pastries.
In fact, these pistachio kernels are using to produce pistachio green powder. It gives the buyer a really green powder without any additives or food colors.

Artin Pistachio Kernels (Buying in Bulk)

Artin Pistachio Kernels

One of the centers for buying bulk pistachio kernels suitable for ice cream and pastries is the Artin Dried Fruit and Nuts Company.
This company specializes in the production and packaging of pistachio kernels.
One of the main production lines in this company is dedicated to the processing of pistachio kernels.

The necessary packaging for buying bulk pistachio kernels in the Artin factory is in two forms:

  • 10 kg carton packaging (vacuum sealed)
  • 50 kg bag

Of course, in high volume, if special packaging is necessary, there are all the facilities in this collection.
In addition, manual and laser sorting of all products is possible, and pistachio kernels, which are in use for pastries, chocolates, and ice cream, are also sorted in two general ways.

With this method, there are no foreign materials and wastes in the load.
One of the main parameters in the production of pistachio kernels in the Artin company is the observance of the principle of quality.
When a product with good quality and fair price is available in the market, it leads to customer satisfaction.

This causes various producers to buy low-price but high-quality pistachio kernels in this production company:

  • Sohan production units
  • Confectionery producers
  • Halva production workshops
  • Manufacturers of Lokum, Baklava, and Turkish delights
  • Traditional and industrial ice cream production workshops

Each of them buys one of the products of this collection according to their needs.

Prices of Artin Pistachios

Prices of Artin Pistachios

Since the price factor is of special importance in such applications, these centers seek to purchase products in bulk packaging at reasonable prices. Which is possible only through communication with the main manufacturers of this product. Iran is one of the centers for producing pistachio kernels.

In general, Khorasan pistachio kernels have a more competitive price.
On the other hand, with the prosperity and launch of cracking workshops as well as factories active in this field, the competition in the field of pistachio kernel production is very high.
This is the reason why low-price pistachio kernels are available in the market through production units.

Since the price fluctuations in 2020 and 2021 were very high, the price list of pistachio kernels has not been included on the website.
But there are different and easy ways to get the daily price of different types of pistachio kernels.

Of course, first, it is necessary for you to determine the type of pistachio kernel and the required volume so that our colleagues can do the most accurate instructions.

You can also communicate with the experts in the sales department of the Artin Nuts collection through the following communication channels.

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