Pistachio Kernels Major Supply | Buy/Sell for Export/Import

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Pistachio Kernels Major Supply | Buy/Sell for Export/Import

Pistachio Kernels Major Supply | Buy/Sell for Export/Import

Where to buy/sell our pistachios in bulk? Pistachio kernels’ major supply for export/import from Iran is doing with affordable prices.

Bulk pistachio kernels are available in different types for major supply to export markets.
One of the centers for buying these products is the Artin pistachio kernel production unit in Khorasan.
In this company, various types of pistachio kernels are available in various packages and qualities.

In the following, the products produced and their production process will be briefly mentioned.
So if you want to buy/sell Iranian pistachio kernels to export/import in bulk and large quantities, join us.

Artin Pistachio Kernels Production

Artin Pistachio Kernels Production

In the business of pistachios, one of the products that are really common is the pistachio kernel.
One of the complete lines of cracking, sorting, and packing of pistachio kernels is active in the Artin pistachio production factory.

Since all processes are done in one line, many production costs are broken down.
This makes products with competitive prices ready for the market.

The most important pistachio kernels’ major supply of this company are as follows:

  • Purple-Skin pistachio kernels
  • Green pistachio kernels
  • Peeled green pistachio kernels (in different color grades)
  • Halved pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio granules (in 3 fixed sizes (Chopped pistachio kernels))
  • Wild pistachio kernels

Everything starts with the cracking procedure of pistachios (In Shell Pistachios).
Since the quality of the product is very important, a laser sorting machine cleans and sort the products.
Other processes are then performed on the pistachio kernels for preparation.
In the last step, before packing the product, manual sorting is done on the conveyor at medium speed.

So that all products are with the lowest error rate and ready for packaging and then sending to customers.
Various packages are available for wholesale and export/import of pistachio kernels. Obviously, when you want to buy/sell pistachio kernels, the packaging is really important.

Packaging should be according to the request and needs of customers.
But in general, pistachio kernels are either in 50 and 25 kg bags or in 10 kg cartons. Also, vacuum packages are possible for pistachio kernels’ major supply.

Pistachio Kernels Major Supply

Pistachio Kernels Major Supply

Pistachio kernels are in the market and available with different qualities.
Depending on the destination country as well as the type of consumption for this product, there are different demands for pistachio kernels.
First-class (classy) pistachio kernels have their own fans due to their higher price.

Different countries buy/sell Iranian pistachio kernels, some of the most important of which are as follows.
They each buy a specific type of pistachio kernel.

In China and Germany, for example, most peeled green pistachios are bought in bulk.
But in Pakistan, India, and Ukraine, purple-skin, and whole-shape (no granule and broken) pistachio kernels are more popular.

Pistachio Kernels’ Major Supply is the old and the most important business of the Artin pistachio company in Iran.
In this production unit, pistachios and their products such as pistachio kernels, slices, slivers, and pistachio powder are available and ready to sell.

All products are according to the needs of customers in domestic and export/import markets.
One of the important parameters in the wholesale of pistachio kernels is the palatability of the product.
The shorter the time between breaking the pistachio (cracking the in-shell pistachios) and sending the kernel, the higher quality of the product will reach consumers.

In this regard, in this collection, there is an attempt to crack pistachios after registering customers’ orders.
But this requires that we do not rush to deliver the product.

Pistachio Wholesale for Export/Import

Pistachio Wholesale for Export/Import

Obviously, Iranian pistachio kernels are in use for export to various countries.
We mentioned the names of some of the main buyers of Iranian pistachio kernels.
But to get accurate and official statistics, you can use the site of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce.

One of the important points in the export of pistachios and their products is the certificates for clearance in the destination country.
If you have never imported pistachio kernels, be sure to ask the customs of the destination country for the necessary certificates for the clearance of goods.

Otherwise, you can use the advice of the Artin sales unit in this regard. You can use the following apps to make direct contact with us.

Because some countries, such as Germany, Italy, and France, take aflatoxin tests to import pistachios and their products.
Otherwise, the goods will not be cleared and the product will be returned or destroyed at the buyer’s expense.

For this reason, you must buy and send the product carefully enough.

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