Pistachio Kernels Trade – Export/Import – Wholesale

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Pistachio Kernels Trade

Pistachio Kernels Trade – Export/Import – Wholesale

Pistachio Kernels Trade is a profitable business in the wholesale market of nuts and dried fruits for import and export in large quantities.

There are many prosperous companies in the pistachio kernel trade.
They are export and import different types of these products to all parts of the world. The point is that they know:

  • Where to buy these products.
  • Where is the production center of pistachio nuts and kernels?
  • How to export/import pistachio kernels in different qualities and quantities to the consumption markets.
  • Who are the main exporters and importers of pistachio kernels in this trade and business?

Iranian pistachio kernel has a great variety and it is in use in the production of many foods.
Pistachio kernels have many buyers in the markets of confectionery due to their good taste.

Of course, each production unit buys a specific type of Iranian pistachio kernel according to its needs.

Applications of Iranian pistachio kernels

Applications of Iranian pistachio kernels

Pistachio kernels have common uses in traditional medicines.
Iranian pistachio kernel has many properties and applications.
For example, there are large amounts of iron in pistachio kernels, which is very useful for treating anemia.

Pistachio kernel has many other properties, which we will mention a few examples below.

  1. Cough reliever
  2. Soothing the heart
  3. Also, Open obstruction and ducts of the liver
  4. And also, Treatment of liver problems

These properties are present in pistachios, especially if consumed with a thin skin on the pistachio kernel.
Pistachio kernels are not only common for their medicinal properties but also in use to produce delicious sweets and foods.

  • Variety of foods and sweets
  • Variety of sausages.
  • Preparing and decorating sweets and foods.
  • Sohan
  • Also, Make some chocolates
  • And also, Preparation of Baklava

As we have seen, pistachio kernels are widely in use in various markets and almost all countries.
We even see that the oil prepared from pistachio kernels is using to produce cosmetics.
Pistachio kernels contain large amounts of useful and necessary substances for the body.

Here are some of these materials.

  1. Vegetable protein
  2. Essential fatty acids
  3. Fiber
  4. Phosphorus
  5. Contains vitamins B6, B2, B1
  6. Selenium
  7. Potassium
  8. Phytosterols
  9. Also, Folate
  10. And also, Copper

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Trade and Sales Center

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Trade and Sales Center

Iran is producing pistachio kernels and in fact, you can find pistachio products in Iran easily.
But the main center of production and sale of pistachios and their products are the two provinces of Kerman.
Yazd and Semnan provinces have less production than Kerman.

Wide varieties of different pistachio nuts and kernels are available in Iran’s pistachio kernels production centers.
Various factories are active in the field of cracking, peeling, and processing of pistachios in Kerman and Khorasan.
Various traders and merchants usually go to these provinces to buy bulk types of pistachio kernels and slices.
In fact, the pistachio kernels trade is more profitable when you can reach the producers of these areas.

Many factories operating in these two provinces have several offices inside and outside Iran.
In this way, they increase the sales of their products and on the other hand, make shopping easier for customers.
Iranian pistachio kernels are traded with different countries around the world.
The main buyers of Iranian pistachio kernels are the following countries. (Exact statistics on the volume of exports to each of these countries are available on the website of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Customs.)


Each of these countries buys a specific type of Iranian pistachio kernel according to the needs of its market.
The main and best-selling pistachio kernels of Iran for export are:

  1. Purple Skin pistachio kernels
  2. Peeled pistachio kernels
  3. Green pistachio kernels
  4. Granulated and Crushed kernels
  5. Also, Pistachio slices and slivers
  6. And also, Wild pistachio kernels

Artin pistachio kernel is one of the producers of pistachio kernels in Khorasan Razavi province.
You can contact the sales department to receive the catalog and price list of the products.

Artin Pistachios Major Exports

Artin Pistachios Major Exports

Most of the pistachios produced in Iran are supplied to world markets and allocated for export.
Usually, different types of pistachio kernels are in use for export, each of which is sent to specific regions.

The following pistachio kernels can be mentioned for export.

  1. At first, Normal (regular) or Ordinary pistachio kernels
  2. Secondly, Green pistachio kernels
  3. The third is green peeled pistachio kernels
  4. And finally the Organic pistachio kernels

In recent years, with the entry of the United States into the pistachio market, there has been close competition between the United States and Iran over pistachio exports.

The Americans have been able to make good profits from this trade by increasing their area under California farms.
Of course, Iranians living in the United States also had a great impact on this.
On average, the value of Iranian pistachio exports is $1.2 billion annually.

This amount will increase and decrease according to different conditions, production and sanctions.
The third rival between the United States and Iran is Turkey.
Of course, the amount of production in this country compared to Iran and the United States has been very small.

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