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Pistachio Powder

Pistachio Powder and Slivers | Manufacturer Exporter

High quality Iranian pistachio powder and slivers are well known in export/import markets. There are not many suppliers, manufacturers and exporters in Iran.

The daily price of these products, along with the quality of the goods, is very effective in the purchase of traders and merchants.
Iran is known as the largest producer of pistachios, pistachio kernels and pistachio slivers in international markets.
Also, Some Iranian manufacturers produce pistachio powder but not all of them exporter and main supplier.

Artin Nuts and Kernels Factory is a manufacturer and exporter of pistachio powder and slivers:

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Pistachio Powder

As you are aware, pistachios produce in different parts of Iran. and Iran is the main supplier of this product in the world.

To some extent, the products of different regions are different in terms of quality according to the weather conditions.
This difference in pistachio quality causes different types of pistachio kernels, pistachio slivers/slices and pistachio powder to be produced and supplied in different qualities.

The following are the most important pistachio slivers and slices varieties in Iran:

  • Kerman pistachio slivers and slices
  • Qazvin pistachio sliveres and slices
  • Khorasan pistachio slivers and slices
  • Buein Zahra pistachio slivers and slices

Each of these products has different quality characteristics.

Pistachio Powder Varieties

Pistachio Powder

The variety in pistachio powder is not that known in different markets.

In fact, Quality, size (How small and powdered are the pistachios) and the product color are the main parameters to distinguish between different qualities or types.
By the way, There are only two main types of pistachio powder for categorizing this product:

  1. Regular pistachio powder
  2. Wild pistachio powder

Wild pistachio trees grows in Iran Mountains in some areas. So green color, different and interesting taste and also being organic are the differences of this product with regular type.

Greener Color of Wild Pistachio Kernels make the final powder greener.

Artin Pistachio Factory is a manufacturer of both wild and regular pistachio powder. We advise you to make direct contact to this company for any further information:

Slivered and Powdered Pistachio Nuts Quality

Pistachio Powder

In the production and sale of pistachio slivers, slices, and powder, some quality parameters are very important.

1. Powder and Slivers (Or Slices) Color:

The greener the product, the more it attracts buyers in the market.

2. The Amount of Fat:

Another measure of quality is the percentage of fat in the product.

3. Moisture:

Usually, after the pistachio sliver and slice produces, it places on a dryer
Pistachio slices should be dried enough to prevent spoilage.
And on the other hand, it should not be too dry because it increases fragility.

4. Percentage of Crushed in Slivers and Slices:

Another criterion for measuring the quality of pistachio slices and slivers is the absence of granulated and crushed slivers in the load.

5. Freshness:

Good taste is another parameter of quality determination. Given that pistachio powder and slivers are the raw material of other foods, they must have the desired quality in terms of taste and aroma.
The more fresh the product is, the better taste and aroma you will experience.

The above-mentioned cases are to some extent the most important parameters for determining the quality of Iranian pistachio powder and slivers.

Pistachio Powder and Slivers Export

Pistachio Powder

After checking the quality of pistachio products, it is time to check the price and credit of the manufacturer.

In business, fair price is always very important for long-term trading and mutual cooperation.
Of course, quality should not sacrifice for price in any way, because this way, the business will be lost forever.

For this reason, in order to export/import pistachio powder and slices, the best required quality must prepare and package.
In this regard, export-oriented producers produce pistachio powder or slivers at the time of customers ordering (for Freshness of the product and longer expiry date).
This makes the final product the best possible in terms of taste and freshness.

Among other things, by obtaining the relevant certificates for export, this product can deliver to the final consumer in a short time.
Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy and Qatar are the main buyers of these product.

Slivered and Powdered Pistachios Bulk Purchases


Pistachio Powder

To buy high volume types of powder and slices, it is best to acquaint with the production units of these products.
Obviously, Most of these industrial units are located near pistachio production centers.

The highest amount of powder and slivers production relate to Qazvin, Kerman and Mashhad cities of Iran.
There are many production units in these cities that produce and market these products in bulk.

In Khorasan Razavi province and in the city of Mashhad, Artin Nuts Factory also sells this product in domestic and export markets.

Having the prerequisites for export, this factory is ready to carry out all customs affairs and transportation of goods to the destination country.

Also, Here you can search Artinnuts Persian website for more:

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