Pistachio Powder Online Purchase | Iranian Pistachios

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Pistachio Powder Online Purchase

Pistachio Powder Online Purchase | Iranian Pistachios

Pistachio Powder Online Purchase in large quantities is possible by Artin wholesale services. Iranian pistachios are green and yummy.

When you are buying from producers and manufacturers in Iran, obviously, you can achieve more reasonable and affordable prices.
Artin Nuts Company is one of the main producers of this product.
The best types of pistachio kernels are in use to produce the powder.

In addition, special processes are necessary for these products so that the best product reaches the consumer.
In the following, we will explain more about the production method and its processes.

How to Produce Pistachio Green Powder

Pistachio Green Powder

In Artin production company, first-class pistachio kernels are in use to produce pistachios.
Of course, pistachio kernels using for powder are often small but have very good colors.

The problem that many consumers of pistachio powder, especially sweets production units, have is the presence of foreign substances and wastes in the powder.
The most important of which is the hard skin of pistachios, which increases the likelihood of harm to the person consuming sweets.

In this regard, in the Artin company, different methods are in use to have pistachio powder without any foreign substances.
The main way to do this is to use a laser device (Color sorting machine).

With this device, we can remove a high percentage of foreign matter and skin from the pistachio kernels.
After that, all the pistachio kernels are on the test conveyor and the manpower performs the final sort of product.
In this way, the presence of foreign materials is close to zero.

The grinding and pulverizing is the next step that should be with high accuracy.
The final stage is the product packaging, which is in the form of 10 kg vacuums in each carton.

With this type of packaging, the shelf life of the product goes higher than normal.

Pistachio Powder Online Purchase Price

Pistachio Powder Online Purchase

The selling price of pistachio powder depends on various parameters.
The most important and main one is the daily price of pistachio kernels.

Of course, the percentage of waste in the cargo also has a direct impact on the cost price.
Because after the laser and manual sorting processes, the amount of load output largely determines its price.
In addition to all this, the cost of sorting, manpower, and packaging must also be under consideration.

On the other hand, Given that Iranian pistachios are of interest to export markets, it has a reciprocal relationship with the USD exchange rate to IRR.

In other words, the price of pistachios is dependent on USD in the market, and in case of fluctuations in the USD rate, the pistachio market and its products will also change.

On the other hand, weather problems or frost on the trees, which causes a lack of the product and low yield, at some points in time will increase prices.
In this regard, you can receive the price of the Artin first-grade green pistachio powder with a phone call or message.

There are various communication channels for you to communicate with the Artin sales unit.

High-Quality Pistachio Powder

High-Quality Pistachio Powder

Buying pistachio powder online directly from manufacturers has many advantages.
The most important is the significant reduction of product overhead costs.

On the other hand, it is possible to buy the product at a lower price.
Another advantage of buying directly from the manufacturer is choosing the type of packaging.
Because some units choose a specific type of packaging according to their consumption.

In the Artin production company, vacuum packages are often in use to increase durability.
If you want to purchase bulk green pistachio powder online for workshops or confectionery factories, you can contact the Artin sales unit.

First, they will send you photos and prices of products.
After that, if you wish, a sample of the product will be sent to you.
With your final approval, the main order will be sent for your long-term service cooperation.

For more information, you can fill out the forms on the website.
Artin sales associates will contact you as soon as possible.

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