Pistachio Recording Terminals to Buy Bulk Iranian Pistachios

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Pistachio Recording Terminals to Buy Bulk Iranian Pistachios

Pistachio recording terminals are where the farmers process their fresh pistachio nuts and you can buy Iranian pistachios in bulk.

The best way for direct purchase of fresh and new crops dried pistachios is contacting the main producers of different types of this product, which has many advantages for buyers and sellers.
Obviously, you know that the first processing steps are what pistachio recording terminals do. In fact, pistachio recording terminals are the first place that provides dried pistachio nuts in bulk for all markets.

The high economic value of Iranian nuts has caused many people to enter the field of trade in these products.
Mostly, these people do not have enough information about their field of work and achieve high profits through intermediation between producer and consumer.
When you don’t by directly from the production centers, it means:

Higher prices, Less competitive advantages, less profit, difficult sales

Therefore, in order to buy high-quality products at competitive prices, direct communication with the producers of that product is essential.
Obviously, pistachio is one of these products that you need to find a good supplier and producer to help you in this business.

Iranian Pistachios Production Areas

Pistachio is one of the most important agricultural products in Iran. In general, this valuable product is available in two provinces. You can see the names of these two provinces briefly below.

  • At first, Kerman is the oldest production area
  • And then, Khorasan Razavi is now increasing its production volumes significantly

Kerman province has been a center of high-quality pistachio production for many years. Pistachio production is booming in different cities of this province and Rafsanjan is one of the most important cities for pistachio production and processing.

We can say that the production and processing of pistachios pass from generation to generation in these provinces, and the jobs of a large number of people in these provinces depend on pistachios and their orchards.

On the other hand, Khorasan Razavi province is increasing its activities in the field of pistachio production day by day. Due to its climate, this province is able to become one of the main centers of pistachio production. Even this province is to surpass Kerman province in producing some types of pistachios.

There are numerous pistachio recording terminals in both provinces and therefore, you can find suppliers there easily.

In these provinces, in addition to abundant pistachio orchards, numerous workshops and factories are available. In the next part, we will talk more about these workshops.

Pistachio Recording Terminals

In the previous part, we found out that Khorasan Razavi and Kerman provinces are the most important producers of pistachios. In these regions, in addition to the area under cultivation of pistachio orchards, many pistachio recording workshops and terminals are active.
The outcome of these factories would be these 4 main categories of Iranian pistachio nuts:

  • Akbari Pistachio
  • Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio
  • Fandoghi pistachio
  • Kalleghouchi Pistachio

These four types of high-quality pistachios are the outcome of pistachio recording terminals. Of course, in these factories, valuable pistachio products such as pistachio kernels, pistachio slices, and pistachio powder are also available. After packaging, these products are ready to wholesale markets of bulk pistachio products. Large volumes of these products are also in use for export to different countries.

Buy Bulk Iranian Pistachios Directly

As we understand, many pistachio recording terminals and factories process and dry different types of pistachios. Now the question is how to buy dried pistachios directly.

The best way to buy pistachio is to travel to cities that are the center of pistachio production in Iran. Due to the direct purchase of pistachios from the producer, the price for you will be drastically reduced.
Of course, in recent years we have witnessed significant growth in online wholesales of products and the growth of social media. In this regard, online wholesales of pistachio products are also booming.

Artin Company is one of the factories that sells and exports various pistachio products. In fact, you can get the pistachio you want from the producers of different cities with one call.

Online Purchases generally have two main benefits.

  • Reduce costs and thus reduce the cost of products
  • Very convenient and high-speed purchase

For advice or to buy different types of pistachios and pistachio products, you can contact the consultants of Artin Trading Company.

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